Becoming a bookseller on AbeBooks is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply follow our recommended steps to begin selling on AbeBooks.

Step 1

Select an inventory management software. We recommend our signature software, AbeBooks HomeBase. It has been designed to work with AbeBooks as well as other online listing services and it is free of charge.

Download AbeBooks HomeBase

Step 2

Enter your books into AbeBooks HomeBase or your selected software.

Whether you have selected AbeBooks HomeBase or other software, please review the information included in our help pages under the Getting Started section. Information includes how to format your book listings, what to include in each of your book records, and assistance on identifying first editions and pricing.

Bookseller Help

Step 3

Register for a bookseller account on AbeBooks.

The information you will provide us is:

  • Your Bank Details - so we can pay you for your sales
  • Credit Card Details- you will need to have a credit card on file to register. We will automatically debit your credit card and send you a summary of charges each month.
  • The Payment Methods that you accept in your store. AbeBooks accepts Visa and MasterCard payments, and you can choose to offer additional methods like check, PayPal and American Express to your buyers. Learn more about payment methods
  • Review our Shipping Information including shipping rates, destinations and speeds. Learn about our adjustable shipping matrix

View our Registration Checklist

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Step 4

Review our Quick Start Guide. This Guide is a great resource with a summary of all the information and links to further details on how begin listing and selling on AbeBooks.

Quick Start Guide

The Acceptable Payment Methods form allows you to tell us and book buyers what payment methods you will accept from buyers on the AbeBooks Web sites. This list will be displayed to buyers during the purchase process.

All books are available for sale by Visa and MasterCard. AbeBooks accepts payment for orders purchased using Visa and MasterCard. A payment service fee of 5.5% of the total item amount is charged for the first $500 ($1-500) and 3.5% on the subsequent value.

The benefits for this service are:

  • No hassle processing
  • We assume the risk of charge-backs and fraudulent cards
  • Weekly payments sent directly to your bank account
  • Low fee of only 5.5% of the total item amount.

You can also choose to offer additional payment methods to your buyers. These include options like check, money order, PayPal, and other credit cards like American Express or Discover. If you choose to accept other credit cards, you'll need to provide us with the name on your merchant account.

You will be able to update your payment methods at any time.

Our Shipping Matrix is unique within the bookselling industry and meets the needs of booksellers in the international marketplace. The shipping matrix includes our default shipping rates, speeds and destinations. Once your bookseller application has been processed you will be able to update the matrix at any time to address your unique shipping requirements.

Sample matrices are available from the links below.

Booksellers in Canada
Booksellers in the UK
Booksellers in the US
Booksellers in Germany
Booksellers in France
International Booksellers

Bookseller Checklist for Registration
Please have the following available in order to complete your application.

  • Credit card details. You will need to have a credit card on file to register. As long as your sales are higher than your fees, we'll never need to charge your card. If you do owe us funds at the beginning of the month, we'll automatically debit your credit card to make sure your account balance is always up to date.
  • Bank details (bank transit number and bank account number). Enjoy direct payments into your bank account for sales. AbeBooks will pay you for your sales by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) where possible. Please be assured, this information can only be used to deliver payment for your sales. If you live in a country where EFT is not available, we will pay you by check.
  • Merchant accounts. If you choose to process your credit cards other than Visa and MasterCard, you require a merchant account.
  • GST or VAT number, if applicable.

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