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October 3rd - 9th: A celebration of poetry and literacy in cities across Canada, the UK, and Ireland.

The second annual Random Acts of Poetry week is a Canadian initiative that promotes poetry, poets and literacy in a fresh way to everyday people in their everyday lives. This year, 27 poets from across Canada will be joined by 10 poets from England, Scotland and Ireland, making the event truly international after only one year. Watch for local poets from your community reading poems to people on the street, at bus stops, schools, libraries, hair salons and in local schools.

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Poem of the Day

Waking From Anesthesis

i explore like new born

the first thing i see:

a bright pink sash
across a nurse’s breast

fills me with sweet corn
blood oranges
mother love
and sunsets
then, before me appears

a smooth brown head
atop an orderly who reminds me
of an ex-boyfriend

all i know is i want to touch it

must have asked out loud
because he comes towards me
smiles – bows down
my hand reaches out in appreciation
strokes plam across smooth crown

in a moment
barren of pretension
tenderness is sipped
by two from one cup

before the pain crashes in

-- Andrea Thompson

Elizabeth Zetlin

Elizabeth Zetlin reading to a goat at Keady Market, south of Owen Sound, ON. The goat showed its appreciation by nibbling the book

Random Acts of Poetry

“I love to promote poetry anywhere, will stop strangers to read them poems and otherwise commit random acts of poetry. I thought it would be a good idea for poets across Canada to do the same thing.”

-- Wendy Morton, Founder