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The Coppice, Jordans Lane, Jordans
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Mostly (but not exclusively) non fiction.

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Advertising Advertising, Africa
Aircraft Aircraft, Angling
Animals Annuals Antiques
Antiques, antiques, Antiques, Decorative Needlework . Embroidery, Collectables
Antiques. Archaeology archaeology
Archaeology , Archaeology, Archaeology.
Architecture Architecture, Architecture.
architecture. Art Art,
Art. Astrology Astronomy
Astronomy, Australia, Autobiography
Autobiography, Autobiography. Aviation
Aviation, Aviation. Beatles
Berkshire Bibliography Billy Bunter
Billy Bunter, Biography biography
Biography , Biography, Biography.
Birds Birds, birds,
Black interest, Boats Books
Botany Bottle Tickets. silver, antiques, collectables Boxing
Boxing, Bridges Butterflies
Canals canals Canals,
Car Carpets Cars
cars Cartoons cartoons,
Cartoons. Chess Childens
Children Childrens Childrens annual,
Childrens Fiction Childrens fiction childrens fiction
Childrens fiction, Childrens Fiction. Childrens fiction.
Chilrens fiction, Christmas Churches
Churchill Cinema Clocks
Clocks, Clocks. Codes
Coins Collectables collectables
Collectables, collectables, Collectables.
collectables. Comedy comedy
Comics Computers Cookery
Cookery, Cookery, Recipes, cooking, meals Cooking
Costume Crafts Crafts,
Crafts. Cricke Wisden Cricket
Cricket Wisden Cricket, Crime
Crime fiction Dance Design
Diaries Dogs Dolls
Dolls Houses , Dolls, Dolls.
Drawing Embroidery embroidery,
English Costume , clothes, fashions, history. Entertainment Ephemera
Exploration Falconry Falconry.
Fantasy Fantasy, Fashion
Fashion, Fiction fiction
Fiction, Fiction, gay, homosexual erotic short stories. Fiction.
Films. Fishes Fishing
fishing Fishing, Fishing.
Flowers Food Football
France Frank Richards, Furniture
furniture Furniture, furniture,
Games Gardening Gardening,
Gardens Glass Golf
Golf, Greece Guns
Health History history
History, History. Hollywood
Holocaust, Horse racing, Horse racing
Horses Horses, Horses.
Humour India Industrial Archaeology
Industry Italy J.F.Kennedy
Japan Jazz Jewellery
Jewish interest Lace Legends
Letters Literature literature
Literature, Locomotives London
London, Maps Maritime
Maritime fiction Mathematics, measurements,
Medals Medals, Medical
Medical. Melantha Military
military Military , Military,
Military, British Army, The Napoleonic Wars, Duke of Wellington. Military, First World War I, Cartoons Mining
Miss Read Modern History Motor Racing
Motor racing Motor racing, Motor cycles
Motorcycles Mountaineering Mountaineering,
Movies Mtor racing Music
Mysteries Natural history natural history
natural history, Natural History. Natural history.
Nature Nature, Naval
Naval fiction naval fiction, Naval,
Needlework needlework. New Zealand
Observer's Opera Ornithology,
Painting Painting, Philosophy
Photographs Photography Photography,
Photography. Plants Poems

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