Discovering Freemasonry in Context: The Laboratory of Moral Science

Bizzack Ph.D., John

ISBN 10: 1477533087 / 1-4775-3308-7
ISBN 13: 9781477533086
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2012
Binding: Softcover
Editorial Reviews for this title:
This book provides a welcome and enjoyable reminder of the importance thinking in context and especially doing so when researching Freemasonry and history in general. Written with eye-opening and in balanced style, it encourages us with many examples to put things in context and look with clear vision to validate our thinking – and not fall prey to evidence-troubled theories and the thinking it typically causes. Encyclopedic in coverage, the book offers something for Masons as well as non-Mason – straightforward, direct and informative. An important contribution to Masonic literature.

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