The Holy Bible - Old Testament: The Authorized King James Version - Old Testament

Scribes, Ecclesiastical

ISBN 10: 1478283866 / 1-4782-8386-6
ISBN 13: 9781478283867
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Publication Date: 2012
Binding: Softcover
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The Holy Bible - The King James Version Old Testament of 1611 The Ecumenical Theological Seminary Edition originally published in 2011, in celebration of the four hundredth anniversary and reverence of the original publication. Foreword and Commentary by Dr. Damian Stone; Founder, and President of The Ecumenical Theological Seminary; Founded November 27th, 1994. www.TheEcumenicalTheologicalSeminary.org The Authorized Version, commonly known as The King James Version, King James Bible or KJV, is an English translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. The King James Version was the third official translation into English. The first was the Great Bible commissioned by the Church of England in the reign of King Henry VIII, and the second was the Bishop's Bible of 1568. In January 1604, King James VI of Scotland and I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where a new English version was conceived in response to the perceived problems of the earlier translations. King James gave the translators instructions intended to guarantee that the new version would conform to the ecclesiology and reflect the structure of the Church of England and its belief in an ordained clergy. The translation was conducted by forty seven scholars, all of whom were members of the Church of England. The Old Testament was translated from Hebrew, The New Testament was translated from Greek, while The Apocrypha was translated from Greek and Latin.

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