Mystic River / Mystic River

ISBN 10: 0060744391 / 0-06-074439-1
ISBN 13: 9780060744397
Publisher: Harperaudio
Publication Date: 2009

Editorial Reviews:
"At his most daring in MYSTIC RIVER, Lehane aims for the plainspoken lyricism of a good acoustic Bruce Springsteen ballad, or the knife-edge clarity of an earlier transcendent mystery novelist who wrote about damaged children, Ross Macdonald, and achieves his desired effect..."

Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 02/09/2001

"What elevates MYSTIC RIVER over just about everything else being published in the genre today is Lehane's willingness to expose the scars, as well as the strengths, of all his lead characters, and let hubris take its natural course."

Gary Dretzka, Chicago Tribune, 03/04/2001