Charlotte’s Web with Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan

White, E. B.

ISBN 10: 0061125563 / 0-06-112556-3
ISBN 13: 9780061125560
Publisher: HarperColl
Publication Date: 2075
Binding: Hardcover
About this title:

Charlotte's Web, stuart little, and The Trumpet of the Swan have captured the hearts of millions of readers. For the first time, they are all together in one volume.

Charlotte's Web tells the story of a young girl named Fern who loves a little pig named Wilbur—and of Wilbur's dear friend Charlotte, a beautiful grey spider who lives with Wilbur in the barn. Their story of friendship and truth is heartwarming and timeless.

In stuart little, the hero is a mouse who lives happily with the Frederick C. Little family. When he sets out to seek his beloved friend, Margalo—a tiny, delightful bird—he embarks on a courageous adventure that brings out his indomitable spirit.

In The Trumpet of the Swan, Louis is a trumpeter swan who comes into the world lacking a voice. When he falls in love with a lovely swan named Serena, his father steals a trumpet so his son will be able to woo her. Louis's travels help him to find the voice that has always been in his heart.

These exquisitely written stories, filled with humor and beauty, will continue to captivate children of all ages for years to come.

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