Applied Math for Food Service (2nd Edition)

Labensky, Sarah; Labensky, Sarah

ISBN 10: 0132337592 / 0-13-233759-2
ISBN 13: 9780132337595
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Softcover
About this title:

A Handbook for Food Service Costing acquaints readers with the basics of food cost controls through practical techniques useful in real-world situations. This book presents the mathematical skills necessary for food service professionals through a common sense, step-by-step approach and real life situations such as yield tests, the calculation of recipe costs, and the use of food cost percentages. It ensures that chefs are familiar with accurate measurements, portion control, and proper food handling, which are essential to the healthy bottom line of any food service operation. A valuable reference book for any food service professional.

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