ISBN 10: 0606200738 / 0-606-20073-8
ISBN 13: 9780606200738
Publisher: Demco Media
Publication Date: 2002
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:
"Though [Kent Haruf's] third novel, PLAINSONG, is relatively uneventful--a year in the lives of normal folk in the small prairie town of Holt, Colo.--his mesmerizing language draws the reader in, fascinating even with his depictions of the most mundane occurrences....Haruf's haunting, virtuosic writing...is both spare and descriptive, as painstaking in capturing vagueness as it is precise detailing the concrete."

Sarah Saffian, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, 09/26/1999

"When was the last time I read an entire novel in two days? Probably 55 years ago, when I was a teenager....[N]ow, half a century later, I've had the delightful experience once again of becoming so absorbed in a book that I couldn't have slowed down if I tried.....The book is Kent Haruf's PLAINSONG, the most controlled, cohesive novel I've come across in a long time....[A]s flawlessly unified as a short story by Poe or Chekhov."

Jon Hassler, Chicago Tribune Books, 10/10/1999