ISBN 10: 060625109X / 0-606-25109-X
ISBN 13: 9780606251099
Publisher: Demco Media
Publication Date: 2002
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

"A funny and engagingly original portrayal of adolescence in eruption....One of the year's most charming books."

Kirkus, 09/01/1999


"The admonition to 'know thyself' goes back to Socrates, but Walter Kirn gives it some contemporary, ironical bite in his new novel....Kirn's central point [is that] America is more and more a collection of self-absorbed individuals who seek solace of the most puerile sort. In other words, ours is a thumbsucking culture."

Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times Book Review, 10/17/1999