Spinning Spiders (Let's Read-and-Find-Out Science Stage 2)

Berger, Melvin

ISBN 10: 0606277676 / 0-606-27767-6
ISBN 13: 9780606277679
Publisher: Demco Media
Publication Date: 2003
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews for this title:

Find out all about the many kinds of webs spiders spin in this level 2 Let′s Read and Find Out.

How do spiders spin such large webs? Spiders produce a unique silk that can stretch from wall to wall, or between the legs of a chair. In this book, featuring remarkably realistic artwork by S.D. Schindler, you will learn about the silk spiders produce, the webs they spin, and the prey they capture. You will even learn how to make a web of your own!

Ages 5-9

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