ISBN 10: 0606299904 / 0-606-29990-4
ISBN 13: 9780606299909
Publisher: Demco Media
Publication Date: 2004
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

"In the lives of the persons moving through this novel there is nothing tragic, or heroic or even impressively dramatic. Yet every person presented is made remarkably real. For this reason--because of its very fidelity--the storytelling...is alive and moving."

Richard Sullivan, Chicago Tribune, 05/19/1957


"'The Assistant' will reaffirm his talent as a writer about simple people struggling to make their lives better in a world of bad luck. The clarity and concreteness of his style, the warm humanity of his people, the tender wit that keeps them firm and compassionable, will delight many."

William Goyen, New York Times, 04/28/1957