Outrageous Women of Ancient Times

Leon, Vicki

ISBN 10: 0613165365 / 0-613-16536-5
ISBN 13: 9780613165365
Publisher: Bt Bound
Publication Date: 2001

About this title:
Astonishing true tales of the most amazing women in history They were bright and bold, outspoken and inspiring, daring and even dangerous. They were the incredible, courageous, and totally Outrageous Women of Ancient Times. These remarkable women rocked the world with their accomplishments--and their attitude! Their unusual stories will surprise and delight you. Among the outrageous women you'll meet are: Hatshepsut of Thebes--as pharaoh of Egypt, she reigned for over twenty years Locusta of Gaul--a professional poisoner to Roman nobility who made a fortune disposing of members of the royal family Deborah of Israel--the prophetess who led an army to victory in ancient Israel's first national war of liberation Hedea, Tryphosa, and Dionysia of Tralles--three sister athletes who won prizes in running, war chariot racing, and even lyre playing Pan Chao of China--scholar, author, and advisor to the Emperor's family, who championed equal education for women as well as men These independent spirits defied tradition and found their own paths to success. Now their stories come alive! Coming soon! Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages Ages 10 to 14

From the Publisher:
The author of "Uppity Women of Ancient Times" returns triumphant, this time to entertain and inspire young readers. From the first female pharaoh of Egypt, to the first woman artist to have her name known throughout ancient Rome, here are 21 thrilling "herstories" of outspoken women who displayed courage "and" attitude in ancient civilizations throughout the world. A compelling celebration of female guts, smarts and originality.

About the Author:
VICKI LEON is a writer, editor, photographer, and researcher. She is the author of several books on women's history, including Uppity Women of Ancient Times, as well as such favorites for young readers as A Raft of Sea Otters and A Pod of Killer Whales.

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