Wide Sargasso Sea

ISBN 10: 0613175972 / 0-613-17597-2
ISBN 13: 9780613175975
Publisher: Bt Bound
Publication Date: 2001
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:
Beautiful and wealthy Antoinette Cosway's passionate love for an English aristocrat threatens to destroy her idyllic West Indian island existence and her very life.

"[T]he final triumph of Miss Rhys's stylistic control....Despite the exotic setting and the famous, abused heroine, there is no melodrama. Her prose is reticent, unemphatic, precise, and yet supple, alive with feeling....The purity of Miss Rhys's style and her ability to be at once deadly serious and offhand make her books peculiarly timeless."

A. Alvarez, New York Times Book Review, 03/17/1974

"[A]n extraordinary feat of imaginative sympathy, in which Rhys fuses her own English and West Indian experience."

Diane Johnson, Washington Post Book World, 11/03/1974