How Do Frogs Swallow with Their Eyes?: Questions and Answers about Amphibians

Berger, M.

ISBN 10: 0613666321 / 0-613-66632-1
ISBN 13: 9780613666329
Publisher: Tandem Library
Publication Date: 2003

Editorial Reviews for this title:
From basic questions like, "Do amphibians have ears?" to more involved ones such as "What is an amphibian's best defense?", this title provides answers for even the most inquisitive of young minds.

How do frogs swallow with their eyes?
Easily. When swallowing a big mouthful of food, a frog blinks its eyes. The blinking pushes the frogs huge eyeballs down on top of its mouth. This helps squeeze the food in its mouth into its throat. WHOOSH!-down goes its meal!

In this superb introduction to amphibians, children will uncover many facts about these cold-blooded creatures.
The Bergers discuss key curricular topics, like metamorphisis and molting, in an accessible manner and the vivid illustrations of Karen Carr make these animals jump right off of the page!

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