A Region Not Home: Reflections from Exile

ISBN 10: 0743249968 / 0-7432-4996-8
ISBN 13: 9780743249966
Publisher: Free Pr
Publication Date: 2009
Binding: Softcover
Editorial Reviews:
"The search for the self demanded that McPherson take a road out, beyond the available communities of consensus. But in the end the promise he has attempted to make to history has rewarded him with numerous roads in, to classical history, to his own past--depicted here in vividly crafted waves of narrative--to the wisdom of his own people. That this is such a profoundly moral book does not detract in any way from the great pleasures of its prose."

Kathleen Hirsch, Chicago Tribune Books, 02/13/2000

"[A]gain and again in these essays, [McPherson decides] to forgo easy trade-offs and simple acceptance in favor of more difficult, more self-aware decisions....This is a book so powerfully dense with difficult ideas, complicated meanings, and rich language that it demands more than one reading. That is its reward and beauty--that and his affirmation that even if no community yet exists where humans can grow and thrive beyond race considerations, such a community does live individually within all kinds of people."

Sherry Simpson, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, 02/27/2000