Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out-Of-Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond

Taylor, Albert

ISBN 10: 0756762332 / 0-7567-6233-2
ISBN 13: 9780756762339
Publisher: Diane Pub Co
Publication Date: 1998
Binding: Hardcover
About this title:
In this fascinating volume, you will read the story of one man's ability to travel beyond the physical plane of existence in search of the "Ultimate Truth" in this world...and the next. From an early age, Albert Taylor experienced bouts of almost death-like paralysis which were accompanied by extraordinarily lucid and realistic dreams. His grandmother called them "Witch Rides. " As he grew older and learned more about his gift, these Witch Rides progressed in strength and scope to eventually become full-fledged out-of-body experiences. Gradually, Albert found himself able to "fly" with his mind to distant places, breaking the boundaries of this world, and encountering spirits beyond. Engineer, scientist, and artist, Albert Taylor relates his research and knowledge with great insight and humor. He tells us how these paranormal events have affected his life, how anyone can have an out-of-body experience...and even learn to consciously control their "Soul Travels!"

Product Description:
Former NASA aeronautical engineer and space researcher Albert Taylor believes that there is much we can learn from out-of-body experiences. In this amazing book, he offers an account of his own incredible flights of "soul travel"--and shows us how we too can develop this life-changing ability.

Albert Taylor gives us his honest and very personal account of how he escaped his nightly fears of sleep paralysis to soar consciously through the astral plane. Some call this astral travel, or an out-of-body experience, but Taylor calls it "soul travel." His term eloquently embodies his philosophy that we are actually powerful, spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience, rather than human beings having minor spiritual experiences. Despite Taylor's background as a NASA engineer, Soul Traveler is far from a technical manual. Reading it is like having an engaging conversation about astral travel with a friend. Along with some simple advice for inducing and controlling our own out-of-body experiences, Taylor shares the encouraging insights about the spiritual nature of human beings that he has gleaned from a remarkable experience he once viewed as an affliction. --Brian Patterson

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