Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing

Beckwith, Harry

ISBN 10: 0756783720 / 0-7567-8372-0
ISBN 13: 9780756783723
Publisher: Diane Pub Co
Publication Date: 2000
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:
This guide shows how markets work and how prospective clients think. It delivers business wisdom aimed at keeping clients by utilising the keys to modern marketing - price, brand, packaging and relationships.

The beauty of marketing is that it happens when we're looking but not noticing. Before you know it, we're using Yahoo! as a search engine, even though serious researchers will tell you that Alta Vista and Dogpile are better. We're buying products that cost more and perform worse, simply because the marketing and branding of those products tells us there's a value there, even if objective analysis tells us otherwise. In The Invisible Touch, Harry Beckwith tells us the obvious--what was right in front of our faces. But because of the blinders we wear, because of the way we've been educated, socialized, or just plain bamboozled, we can't see it as clearly as he can. Thus, in each of his "four keys to modern marketing"--price, branding, packaging, relationships--he offers counterintuitive information that could make or break a business plan. For example, he explains in great detail why a higher price is better than a lower one; why every business, from Apple Computer to the U.S. Army, is a brand-name to be cherished and nurtured; why the orangest orange sells better than the least orange orange, even if both pieces of fruit taste exactly the same; and why the best service providers always remember your name and what you like to drink. This is a business book, but one that everyone who works for a living should read. Pick any page, and you'll find insights that could make you a better teacher, a better salesperson, a better employee in any trade. Beckwith drives home the idea that we're all in the business of marketing ourselves, and we're in that business every waking hour. --Lou Schuler


The legendary marketing genius gives us a keenly written essay on what it really takes to connect with our customers. They bond with us when we pay attention to their basic human needs to feel important, find solutions to their problems, and realize their highest dreams. You don't sell people anymore; you listen to them, and you create experiences that connect them emotionally to the value of what you're offering them. Read very smoothly, the program sneaks up on you so that, by the end, you're basking in truths about marketing that are on a higher plane than anything you've heard before. T.W. © AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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