Blessings of the Wind: The Mystery And Meaning of Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tad Wise

ISBN 10: 0756787718 / 0-7567-8771-8
ISBN 13: 9780756787714
Publisher: Diane Pub Co
Publication Date: 2002
Binding: Hardcover
About this title:
From Tibet, the wind blows the blessings of the Buddha out over the Earth. The couriers of these benedictions are the brightly colored prayer flags (PF). Printed with designs & prayers handed down through many centuries, Tibetan PF encapsulate the deep beauty & wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist beliefs. This collections includes 5 authentic cloth PF meant to be hung in an auspicious place. Decorated with beautiful Tibetan art, this illustrated book explores the ancient origins of the PF, provides information on the significance of their symbols, & offers translated blessings & suggestions for how the PF can be used. PF present a tangible way to promote good karma, learn about Buddhist concepts, & express support for the sacred culture & traditions of Tibet.

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