Hope (A Bernard Samson Trilogy)

Len Deighton

ISBN 10: 0786158646 / 0-7861-5864-6
ISBN 13: 9780786158645
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Inc.
Publication Date: 2007

Editorial Reviews for this title:
The explosive sequel to the best-seller Faith once again features the entertaining and enigmatic British agent Bernard Samson.

With cold war loyalties shifting in the freezing wind, Bernard is forced back into the game, this time without the moral sureness that evil lies exclusively on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Caught between his job and his ethics, his past and his future, and the two women he loves, trapped in a maze of deception and danger where nothing is what it seems, Samson undertakes a mission that leads from rural Poland to the heart of London Central.

With the rare hand of a master, Deighton vividly paints the shadowy world of spies and moles, agents and double agents pitted in a war in which physical violence is only the beginning.

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