Mexico Set (Book 2 of the Bernard Samson 'Game-Set-Match' trilogy)

Len Deighton

ISBN 10: 0786182644 / 0-7861-8264-4
ISBN 13: 9780786182640
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Publication Date: 2005

Editorial Reviews for this title:
This is the second book in the Game-Set-Match trilogy featuring British Intelligence agent Bernard Samson.

The stage is set. Now, on the shadowy East-West battlefield of Mexico City, British intelligence agent Bernard Samson must entice his opposite number, a disaffected KGB major, to take the final, dramatic step--to defect.

But the price of one Russian's freedom must be paid in blood --blood that Samson unexpectedly and incriminatingly finds on his own hands. On every side, he becomes dangerously enmeshed in an intricate web of suspicion and hatred; yet how can he fight when he doesn't know where to find his most determined enemies--or even who they are?

The Game-Set-Match trilogy includes three spectacular thrillers featuring British Intelligence agent Bernard Samson. They are: Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match.

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