Green Grass, Running Water (Between the Covers Collection)

King, Thomas

ISBN 10: 0864922442 / 0-86492-244-2
ISBN 13: 9780864922441
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions
Publication Date: 1999

About this title:
When four Native elders escape from a mental hospital and set out to fix the world, they get no further than Blossom, Alberta, home of the Dead Dog Café. Along the way, they meet Alberta, who would like to trade her two boyfriends for a baby; Lionel, who sells televisions for a patronizing boss; and Eli, whose log cabin stands in the way of a dam. In this magical, rollicking tale, the elders and their companion, the trickster Coyote, unleash a flood of stories. Blossom will never be the same.

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