Square Foot Gardening to the Rescue: Food Security for Everyone

Bartholomew, Mel

ISBN 10: 0865716641 / 0-86571-664-1
ISBN 13: 9780865716643
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Publication Date: 2010
Binding: Softcover
About this title:

The breakdown of our global food system due to peak oil, climate change, and a collapsing economy has triggered an unprecedented surge in backyard gardening and small-scale local agriculture. Square Foot Gardening to the rescue! Using Mel Bartholomew’s groundbreaking techniques, households the world over can enhance their food security, reduce their food costs, earn extra money, and enjoy the satisfaction of a healthy and productive harvest.

Square Foot Gardening is simply a better way to garden. It uses 80 percent less space and 90 percent less water, and it takes a fraction of the time and effort of traditional gardening methods while dramatically increasing yields. Uniquely suited for children, the elderly, or those with physical limitations, Square Food Gardens are “bite-sized landscapes” that are:

  • Scaleable
  • Organic
  • Beautiful
  • Efficient
  • Easy to maintain

Published in 1981, the original Square Foot Gardening became the most popular gardening book ever, selling over one million copies in the United States. Packed with plans, illustrations, tips, recipes, and many new improvements, All New Square Foot Gardening to the Rescue brings this innovative method to a new generation, and is a must-read for gardeners, homeowners, apartment dwellers, and anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient and food secure.

Mel Bartholomew is a civil engineer, inventor, and the founder of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. He has written numerous books, including the original Square Foot Gardening, and his Square Foot Gardening TV shows ran on PBS, the Discovery Channel, and the Learning Channel for eight straight years.

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