Porsche: The Fine Art of the Sports Car

Lewis, Lucinda; Scheller, Bill

ISBN 10: 0883631229 / 0-88363-122-9
ISBN 13: 9780883631225
Publisher: Hugh Lauter Levin Associates
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews for this title:
Porsche--simply put it is the quintessential sports car, sleek, shiny, sexy, and just plain fast. The striking looks of the car are matched by its superb engineering and performance, making it one of the world's greatest automobiles and a work of art on four wheels. The book tells the story of Porsche, from its creation by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and his son in 1948, through forty-two models up to the 1997 Boxter. The story is rich with incident beyond the factory and the test track, including the years leading up to the development of the first 356 Gmund Roadster. Lucinda Lewis, one of the world's premier automotive photographers, lovingly captures the beauty of the most amazing cars ever built. This oversize volume features more than 225 color and 120 b/w photographs, many of which are full or double-page. It is an ideal book for car lovers, racing enthusiasts, and anyone who admires the very best in modern design and engineering.

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