One Red Dot: A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages

ISBN 10: 1416909796 / 1-4169-0979-6
ISBN 13: 9781416909798
Publisher: Little Simon
Publication Date: 2006
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

ONE RED DOT is a stunning tour de force from David A. Carter, the creator of the bestselling Bugs in a Box books. Each of the ten magnificent pop-up sculptures challenges readers to find the one red dot. From the flip-flop flaps to the whimsical wiggle-wobble widgets, each page is an original piece of artwork to cherish and admire.


"Carter's fabulous homage to paper engineering (that doubles as a counting book) features ten intricate paper sculptures or interactive devices and a special charge for readers: Find the one red dot in each."

Kirkus online, 10/1/2005