Life of Pi

ISBN 10: 1417665254 / 1-4176-6525-4
ISBN 13: 9781417665259
Publisher: Bt Bound
Publication Date: 2004
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:
"It is an astounding tale....It's enough to make you believe in God, as one character puts it. Well, not really. Yet one has to be grateful to Martel for rediscovering the yarn and making it so tangibly real....There is much to enjoy in the novel, including a playful twist in the tale...."

Sebastian Shakespeare, Literary Review, May 2002

"If Canadian writer Yann Martel were a preacher, he'd be charismatic, funny and convert all the nonbelievers. He baits his readers with serious themes and trawls them through a sea of questions and confusion, but he makes one laugh so much, at at times feel so awed and chilled, that even thrashing around in bewilderment or disagreement one can't help but be captured by his prose."

Charlotte Innes, Atlantic Monthly, September 2002