Purple Hibiscus: A Novel

ISBN 10: 1417727292 / 1-4177-2729-2
ISBN 13: 9781417727292
Publisher: Bt Bound
Publication Date: 2004
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

"[A] portrayal of the sad state of contemporary African politics--the poverty-inducing corruption, rioting, and uncertainty of basic needs. Like many first novelists, Adichie tries for too much....Nonetheless..., the author has created a compelling narrative--and a surprising punch at the end. A young African voice welcome to American shores."

Kirkus, 08/01/2003


The author's straightforward prose captures the tragic riddle of a man who has made an unquestionably positive contribution to the lives of strangers while abandoning the needs of those who are closest to him."

John Hartl, New York Times Book Review, 11/23/2003