Cal and the Amazing Anti-Gravity Machine

Hamilton, Richard

ISBN 10: 1417750596 / 1-4177-5059-6
ISBN 13: 9781417750597
Publisher: San Val
Publication Date: 2006

About this title:
Cal and his parents have just moved house. And when Cal hears strange noises coming from next door's garden he is curious to find out what it all means. With his side-kick Frankie - a hypochondriac, grumpy canine - Cal ventures over to the other side of the wall where he discovers that his neighbour, Mr Frout, has been experimenting with the most extraordinary of inventions. And, although Mr Frout is a keen despiser of young children, soon he will have no choice but to trust Cal's helping hand as disaster and chaos strike and anti-gravity takes over. A laugh-out-loud, brilliantly fast-paced and gripping story about the joys and pitfalls of science, with an underlying message that sometimes things are best left just as nature intended!

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