The Post-Birthday World

ISBN 10: 1423360931 / 1-4233-6093-1
ISBN 13: 9781423360933
Publisher: Brilliance Audio Lib Edn
Publication Date: 2009

Editorial Reviews:
A tale told from the parallel perspectives of two possible timelines considers the life of American expatriate Irena McGovern, who in one reality stays faithful to her disciplined American intellectual partner, and in the other runs off with an exuberant British long-time friend. By the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin.

"A layered and unflinching portrait of infidelity." (starred review)

Kirkus, 12/01/2006

"The well-worn fork-in-the-road concept could easily have yielded a sterile exercise, but Shriver, a brilliant and versatile writer, allows these competing stories to unfold organically, each a fully rounded drama, rich with irony, ambiguity, and unforeseeable human complications."

Jennifer Reese, Entertainment Weekly, 03/07/2007