The Rainbow

Lawrence, D. H.

ISBN 10: 1427047219 / 1-4270-4721-9
ISBN 13: 9781427047212
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant
Publication Date: 2009
Binding: Softcover
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The novel covers the life-span of three generations. Lawrence delves deep into the psychology of his characters and comments on the qualities and their descent through generations. He discusses sexual dynamics and relations between characters of different generations. The book created ripples due to its bold topic when it was published, and is still widely-read.

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D. H. Lawrence started 'The Sisters' in 1913, wrote four different versions and claimed to have discarded 'quite a thousand pages' before completing The Rainbow in 1915. Mark Kinkead-Weekes gives the composition history and collates the surviving states of the text to assess the damage done to Lawrence's great novel.

Book Description

Pronounced obscene when it was first published in 1915, The Rainbow is the epic story of three generations of the Brangwens, a Midlands family. A visionary novel, considered to be one of Lawrence?s finest, it explores the complex sexual and psychological relationships between men and women in an increasingly industrialized world. ?Lives are separate, but life is continuous?it continues in the fresh start by the separate life in each generation,? wrote F. R. Leavis. ?No work, I think, has presented this perception as an imaginatively realized truth more compellingly than The Rainbow.?

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