The Tin Drum: The New Translation

ISBN 10: 1433245868 / 1-4332-4586-8
ISBN 13: 9781433245862
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Inc
Publication Date: 2008

Editorial Reviews:
"In the more than 20 years since its publication, [THE TIN DRUM] has not yet been surpassed; it is the greatest novel by a living author."

John Irving, Saturday Review, March 1982

"...Herr Grass's narrative moves with extraordinary virtuosity from the most graphic naturalistic description to passages of verbal exuberance and lyrical or satirical fantasy...because Herr Grass has a quite exceptional capacity for conveying the feel, colour and smell of experience, it is the sheer vividness and body of this novel to which one immediately responds."

Times Literary Supplement, 10/05/1962