ISBN 10: 1433269694 / 1-4332-6969-4
ISBN 13: 9781433269691
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Inc
Publication Date: 2009

Editorial Reviews:
"What I...applaud is the marvelous comic scenes with the British prisoners of war; the control in the war scenes; the understated bitterness with which he handles the American soldiers....When Vonnegut stops preaching and is funny, I take him very seriously."

Daniel Stern, Washington Post Book World, 04/13/1969

"Serious critics have shown some reluctance to acknowledge that Vonnegut is among the best writers of his generation. He is, I suspect, both too funny and too intelligent for many, who confused muddled earnestness with profundity. Vonnegut is not confused. He sees all too clearly....Only Billy's time-warped perspective could do justice to the cosmic absurdity of his life, which is Vonnegut's life and our lives."

Robert Scholes, New York Times Book Review, 04/06/1969