The Guermantes Way

ISBN 10: 1438795491 / 1-4387-9549-1
ISBN 13: 9781438795492
Publisher: Intl Business Pubns USA
Publication Date: 2009
Binding: Softcover
Editorial Reviews:

"In spite of his independent manner, Proust has managed to inspire his novel with the prudent technical virtues of suspense and unity. These signs of formal interest are what make 'Remembrance of Things Past' a novel, rather than mere rambling reminiscence....It is held together by a method analogous to that which unifies actual human experience, repetition of events, physical and mental. "

Rose Lee, New York Times Book Review, 07/05/1925


"Marcel Proust is perhaps the greatest psychological novelist of his generation....His lucidities are hidden. He does nothing at all to help you. If you would read him the effort must be yours. He does not descend even one step to meet you. He sits in a certain splendid isolation and demands that you come to him if you will."

Boston Transcript, 06/10/1925