My Brother

ISBN 10: 1439568480 / 1-4395-6848-0
ISBN 13: 9781439568484

Publication Date: 2008
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:
A respected novelist's memoir of family life in Antigua focuses on her brother's tragic life and death and on her mother as a central and sometimes overpowering presence. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

"The death of Kincaid's brother from AIDS results in a book that is lyrically beautiful and emotionally forceful, but lacking a deep examination of its many themes. Writing only a year after the death of her brother, Kincaid uses the event to reexplore issues that permeate her novels and other writings: family, race, and migration."

Kirkus, 08/15/1997

"Jamaica Kincaid has some problems with her mother. This won't be a surprise to anyone who's read her books....So bitter is Kincaid, and so sure that she's been wronged, that she only allots a certain amount of time and reflection in "My Brother" to the ostensible subject of her book. This is not an 'AIDS' book any more than it's a standard or straightforward attempt on Kincaid's part to render her brother's life and death."

Peter Kurth, Salon, 10/09/1997