ISBN 10: 1443723266 / 1-4437-2326-6
ISBN 13: 9781443723268
Publisher: Read Books
Publication Date: 2008
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

"The quietest, and the best, of all the stories that have been written about the most spectacular explosion in the time of man. 'Hiroshima' penetrated the tissue of complacency we had built up. It penetrated it all the more inexorably because it told its story not it terms of graphs and charts but in terms of ordinary human beings....Their stories had been taken down directly by Mr. Hersey, who brought to his interrogations and investigations the gifts he had already conspicuously shown as the Pulitzer-Prize-winning author of 'A Bell for Adano' and as an outstanding war correspondent."

Charles Poore, New York Times Book Review, 11/10/1946


"Hersey has risen to the heights of impartial recording that makes this a human document transcending propaganda."

Kirkus, 09/15/1946