How Angel Peterson Got His Name: And Other Outrageous Tales about Extreme Sports

Paulsen, Gary

ISBN 10: 1455801550 / 1-4558-0155-0
ISBN 13: 9781455801558
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: 2011

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Gary Paulsen’s slapstick tales capture the “wonderful madness” of growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota, when high spirits, showing off for girls, and general idiocy led Gary and his pals to attempt some amazing stunts, including: • Shooting a waterfall in a barrel • Breaking the world speed record on skis • Hang gliding with an army surplus target kite • Inventing the skateboard • Jumping a bike through a hoop of fire • Wrestling—with a bear? Wacky, daring, just plain nuts—extreme sports lead to extreme fun in new stories from Gary’s boyhood.

WHEN YOU GROW up in a small town in the north woods, you have to make your own excitement. High spirits, idiocy, and showing off for the girls inspire Gary Paulsen and his friends to attempt:

• Shooting waterfalls in a barrel

• The first skateboarding

• Breaking the world record for speed on skis by being towed behind a souped-up car, and then . . . hitting gravel

• Jumping three barrels like motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel, except they only have bikes

• Wrestling . . . a bear?

Extreme sports lead to extreme fun in new tales from Gary's boyhood.

A New York Times Bestseller

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