The World of Enochian Magic: The Angelic Revelations

Regardie, Israel

ISBN 10: 156184215X / 1-56184-215-X
ISBN 13: 9781561842155
Publisher: New Falcon Pubns
Publication Date: 2001

About this title:
An essential reference and study aid for all serious students of magic. Instruction on Enochian, the angelic spiritual language, as it is used to communicate with the spirits as part of the practice of magic and spiritual development. The CD includes instruction on Enochiana and a variety of Enochian Keys and Calls.

About the Author:
Israel Regardie (1907-1985) was considered by many to be the last living Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. At an early age, Regardie worked as Aleister Crowley's personal secretary. In addition to his extensive writings, Regardie practiced as a chiropractor and as a neo-Reichian therapist. He taught psychiatry at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and contributed articles to many psychology magazines.

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