The H-Bomb Girl

Baxter, Stephen

ISBN 10: 1597801372 / 1-59780-137-2
ISBN 13: 9781597801379
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Publication Date: 2008
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews for this title:
October, 1962: Liverpool - A time of Teddy Boys and Beat Girls, Mods and Rockers. Dr. No is in the cinemas and the Beatles are playing the Cavern. Teens fill the streets, the clubs, the shops, thrilling to the new electric music and fashions, as their parents pine for the simplicity and structure of the War Years. A world away, Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro are playing an atomic chess game. And a newcomer named Laura Mann carries the key that will unlock the difference between the future and the end of the world. For Laura Mann is... The H-Bomb Girl! Pursued by futuristic forces beyond her wildest imagination, Laura must find answers before time runs out. Who is the mysterious and familiar Miss Wells? Who is the menacing Minuteman? And just what is the secret that Laura's father has been keeping from her?

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