The Monk a Romance

Matthew Lewis

ISBN 10: 1604242639 / 1-60424-263-9
ISBN 13: 9781604242638
Publisher: Book Jungle
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Softcover
Editorial Reviews for this title:
This gothic story relates the tragic downfall of Ambrosio and his fall into sin. His life becomes a disaster when evil lures him into an incestuous relationship. The reality of the Catholic church in this era is also illustrated. When Lewis first published this novel it had passages that were so objectionable that a court order to stop the sale was enforced. Lewis then published a second edition without these passages. The second edition was still controversial.

The Monk is the most sensational of Gothic novels. The main plot concerns Ambrosio, an abbot of irreproachable holiness, who is seduced by a woman (or perhaps a demon) disguised as a novice, and who goes on to sell his soul to the Devil. An extravagant blend of sex, death, politics, Satanism, and poetry, the work greatly appealed to the Marquis de Sade. The Broadview edition includes a critical introduction and appendices of historical materials that address the novel's literary sources (in English, German, and Greek literature), historical contexts (the French Revolution, slavery and abolition debates, sexuality), critical reception, and influence.

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