Dawn Gray's Pink Alert! (Dawn Gray Trilogy)

Bell, David

ISBN 10: 1841675814 / 1-84167-581-4
ISBN 13: 9781841675817
Publisher: Ransom Publishing
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Softcover
About this title:
In the first two books, Dawn Gray and Fizz created unprecedented levels of cosmic confusion and universal unruliness. In Pink Alert!, the challenge is can they put it all right and save the Earth?. Or for that matter what on earth (or anywhere else) is it that they have to put right? Pink Alert! is a mesmerizing read for girls combining all the fantasy of science fiction with engaging, realistic characters that they can really identify with.

This final book in the 'Dawn Gray' trilogy, this will appeal mainly to girls of ages 10 - 12 with a sense of humor and a passion for science fiction

The 'Dawn Gray' books are targeted at girls, the often-ignored group of science fiction readers, who are voracious readers and want something with a bit more bite. Trendy cover illustration and characters allow girls to identify far more with what they're reading. Each features a fast-moving story to hook keen readers. A science fiction story that focuses on truly blending science with fiction with recognizable 'girl next door' characters, all combined with fantasy and comic characters to stimulate the imagination.

About the Author:
David Bell has been writing stories since he was as child. Now, as a fully grown-up child, he still writes every day. Dawn Gray is his first comic trilogy.

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