From the printed page to the silver screen, we become charmed by the characters authors create. Whether in classics like Gone with the Wind and Doctor Zhivago, or more recent adaptations like The Other Boleyn Girl and Charlie Wilson’s War, it’s thrilling to see the stories that capture our hearts put in motion before our eyes. When we read the book first, we have the pleasure of seeing how closely the director’s vision matched our own imagination. If the movie comes first, we can then read the book and see what was left on the cutting room floor, deciding for ourselves which is better—the book or the movie.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie Tie-inIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie Tie-in

James Rollins

He’s back. Everyone’s favorite globe-trotting, tomb-raiding, wisecracking archaeologist is finally at it again–hurtling headfirst into high adventure and relying on his wits, his fists, and his trusty bullwhip to get him out of deep trouble. But the man in the jaunty brown fedora and battered leather jacket is no ordinary digger in the dirt. From the fabled lost Ark of the Covenant to the legendary Holy Grail, he’s salvaged the world’s most amazing artifacts, while beating the baddest villains and defying the most breathtaking odds.

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Iron Man by Peter DavidIron Man

Peter David

Millionaire industrialist Tony Stark’s genius for designing and building high-tech, ultradestructive weapons for America’s armed forces has inspired critics to dub him the modern-day Leonardo da Vinci–as well as “merchant of death,” a moniker he embraces with cool arrogance. But when he’s ambushed and kidnapped in the middle of a war zone, Stark comes face-to-face with his own mortality . . . and his true destiny.

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The Dark Knight by Dennis O'NeilThe Dark Knight

Dennis O'Neil

Allied with both the police department and the district attorney's office, the vigilante known as Batman continues to bring justice and hope to Gotham City. But one man dares to mock Batman's mission. A man with a twisted sense of humor. A man whose grotesque smile is reflected on the calling card he leaves at the scene of his crimes: The Joker.

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Sex and the City by Amy Sohn Sex and the City: The Silver Screen Edition

Amy Sohn

Now, from the team that brought you Kiss and Tell, comes another must-have book for every devoted fan: Sex and the City: The Silver Screen Edition, which gives fans everything they’ve been waiting for and more. Kiss and Tell is the complete guide to the series, but The Silver Screen Edition goes beyond that, providing the ultimate story of Sex and the City, celebrating the moments from the series alongside the most compelling material from the movie.

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules VerneJourney to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne

When Axel deciphers an old parchment that describes a secret passage through a volcano to the centre of the earth, nothing will stop his eccentric Uncle Lidenbrock from setting out at once. So, with silent Hans the guide, the two men embark on a perilous, astonishing, terrifying journey through the subterranean world - the most incredible voyage ever!

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian by CS LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

C.S. Lewis

Inside this ultimate visual companion to the making of the second film in C. S. Lewis's beloved Narnia series, discover lavish photos and behind the scenes stories that give you a front-row seat of how movie magic is made. Find out how the screenplay adaptors and storyboard artists brought C. S. Lewis's story to graphic life, how director Andrew Adamson's screenplay differs from Lewis's original story, and reunite with the four stars from the first film.

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When Did You Last See Your Father? by Blake MorrisonWhen Did You Last See Your Father?

Blake Morrison

Blake Morrison's subject is universal: the life and death of a parent, a father at once beloved and exasperating, charming and infuriating, domineering and terribly vulnerable. In reading about Dr. Arthur Morrison, we come to ask ourselves the same searching questions that Blake Morrison poses: Can we ever see our parents as themselves, or are they forever defined through a child's eyes? What are the secrets of their lives, and why do they spare us that knowledge? And when they die, what do they take with them that cannot be recovered or inherited?

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Brick Lane by Monica Ali Brick Lane

Monica Ali

Monica Ali's gorgeous first novel is the deeply moving story of one woman, Nazneen, born in a Bangladeshi village and transported to London at age eighteen to enter into an arranged marriage. Already hailed by the London Observer as "one of the most significant British novelists of her generation," Ali has written a stunningly accomplished debut about one outsider's quest to find her voice.

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Fugitive Pieces by Anne MichaelsFugitive Pieces

Anne Michaels

In 1940 a boy bursts from the mud of a war-torn Polish city, where he has buried himself to hide from the soldiers who murdered his family. His name is Jakob Beer. He is only seven years old. And although by all rights he should have shared the fate of the other Jews in his village, he has not only survived but been rescued by a Greek geologist, who does not recognize the boy as human until he begins to cry. With this electrifying image, Anne Michaels ushers us into her rapturously acclaimed novel of loss, memory, history, and redemption.

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The Dying Animal by Philip RothElegy (Dying Animal)

Philip Roth

No matter how much you know, no matter how much you think, no matter how much you plot and you connive and you plan, you’re not superior to sex. With these words our most unflaggingly energetic and morally serious novelist launches perhaps his fiercest book. The speaker is David Kepesh, white-haired and over sixty, an eminent cultural critic and star lecturer at a New York college–as well as an articulate propagandist of the sexual revolution. For years he has made a practice of sleeping with adventurous female students while maintaining an aesthete’s critical distance. But now that distance has been annihilated.

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