An Invitation to Health Study Guide

Dianne R. Hales

ISBN 10: 0534583059 / 0-534-58305-9
ISBN 13: 9780534583057
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Publication Date: 2002
Binding: Hardcover
Editorial Reviews:

An Invitation to Health for the Twenty-First Century TABLE OF CONTENTS Personal Stress Management Psychological Health The Joy of Fitness Personal Nutrition Eating Patterns and Problems Communication and Relationships Personal Sexuality Reproductive Choices Consumerism, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Health-Care System Protecting Yourself from Infectious Diseases Keeping Your Heart Healthy Lowering Your Risk of Cancer and other Major Diseases Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse Alcohol Use, Misuse, and Abuse Tobacco Use, Misuse, and Abuse Staying Safe: Preventing Injury, Violence and Victimization When Life Ends ' Working Toward a Healthy Environment Practice Test Questions