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Welcome to 21 East Gallery located in Villa Park's Ardmore Historic District adjacent to the Illinois Prairie Path and just 20 miles due west of downtown Chicago. We offer an eclectic selection of vintage and antique items including fine art, decorative art, architectural artifacts, fine, vernacular and historical photography, American historical artifacts and paper, folk and outsider art, and much more. Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Victorian, and Contemporary styles are represented. We sell items to collectors, historians, dealers and institutions around the world such as The Getty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Taschen Photography, and the Henry Ford Museum. One of our past holdings now sits in the Library of Congress and we have made seven appearances on History Channel's Pawn Stars. Items have been obtained throughout the United States with a focus in the upper Midwest, New England and California. Our northeast storage location is located in north central Massachusetts. We offer scheduled virtual live showings for certain categories such as fine art via streaming applications. We will do all we can to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience. We are constantly acquiring and adding new items to the gallery. Use the Keywords Search feature using single or multiple words to reveal further specialized categories. For example, searching for Vernacular Photography, Painting, Map, Document, Medal, WW2, Civil War, Art Deco, African American, Chicago, or France will yield more targeted inventory results. Thanks for taking the time to explore 21 East Gallery.

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Vernacular Photography & the Snapshot

An umbrella term used to distinguish fine art photographs from those made by non-artists for a huge range of purposes, including commercial, scientific, forensic, governmental, and personal. Snapshots capturing everyday life and subjects are a major form of vernacular photography. Source: Museum of Modern Art. Can you find Captain Obvious?
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What's a Tintype?

The tintype is similar to the daguerreotype and ambrotype, since it is an image formed directly on a sheet of metal (a positive), and is sometimes found in a case. The sheet of metal serves the same function as the dark material used in ambrotypes to cause the image to appear positive. The image is reversed left-to-right. The tintype was a cheaper alternative to paper prints made from a negative. Source: Library of Congress. Those Victorian Hairstyles though!
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Terms of Sale

21 East Gallery sells vintage and antique items via its retail location and online.

Prices - According to contract terms prices are agreed upon at the time of order and, prior to payment of the deposit and are subject to changes without prior notice.

Payment - Payments have to made mandatorily to the Company without any discount or deduction other than as stated in the Terms or in invoice of relevance

Delivery - Within 14 days of notification of their availability, the Customer must have collect...

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Domestic and international shipments are normally made using the United States Postal Service. International shipments greater than $99 will require tracking via USPS express international which is normally $50 for 8 1/2 x 11 envelopes. UPS or FedEx may also be used. Large items such as large framed works may result in additional shipping costs after order based on destination.