The Oxford Book of War Poetry

ISBN 13: 9780192141255

The Oxford Book of War Poetry

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9780192141255: The Oxford Book of War Poetry

This selection covers all ages and countries. The poems are arranged chronologically, forming as it were a history of warfare seen through poets' eyes.

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About the Author:

Jon Stallworthy is Professor of English Literature at Wolfson College, Oxford. He is the author of 8 collections of poetry; works of criticism, and biographer of Wilfred Owen. He was an editor at OUP from 1959 to 1977.


Marlborough At Blenheim [or, Blenheim] by Joseph Addison
Battlefield by Richard Aldington
Prize For Good Conduct by Kenneth Allott
Men Went To Gododdin, Laughter-loving by Aneirin
Calligram, 15 May 1915 by Guillaume Apollinaire
The Lilacs And The Roses by Louis Aragon
Then Sohrab With His Sword Smote Rustum's Helm by Matthew Arnold
The Volunteer by Herbert Henry Asquith
It Is Dangerous To Read Newspapers by Margaret Atwood
Sonnets From China: 12 by Wystan Hugh Auden
Spain - 1937 by Wystan Hugh Auden
Then The Provost He Uprose by William Edmonstoune Aytoun
Advice To A Raven In Russia by Joel Barlow
In Memory Of Basil, Marquess Of Dufferin And Ava by John Betjeman
David's Lament Over Saul And Jonathan [or, Inclyti Israel] [ by Bible
Exodus: 15 by Bible
For The Fallen (september 1914) by Laurence Binyon
In The Dordogne by John Peale Bishop
The Italian Soldier Shook My Hand by Eric Arthur Blair
Report On Experience by Edmund Charles Blunden
Two Voices by Edmund Charles Blunden
Vlamertinghe: Passing The Chateau, July 1917 by Edmund Charles Blunden
The Zonnebeke Road by Edmund Charles Blunden
1914: 1. Peace by Rupert Brooke
1914: 3. The Dead by Rupert Brooke
1914: 5. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
Incident Of The French Camp by Robert Browning
The Destruction Of Sennacherib by George Gordon Byron
The Eve Of Waterloo by George Gordon Byron
Let There Be Light Said God, And There Was Light by George Gordon Byron
On This Day I Complete My Thirty-sixth Year by George Gordon Byron
Green, Green Is El Aghir by Norman Cameron
Hohenlinden by Thomas Campbell
Ye Mariners Of England by Thomas Campbell
Rouen; 26 April - 25 May 1915 by May Wedderburn Cannan
Armistice Day by Charles Causley
At The British War Cemetery, Bayeux by Charles Causley
The High Knight's Tale, Sels. by Geoffrey Chaucer
Elegy In A Country Churchyard by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Fears In Solitude by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Full Moon At Tierz: Before The Storming Of Huesca by John Cornford
A Letter From Aragon by John Cornford
To Margot Heinemann by John Cornford
War Is Kind: 1 by Stephen Crane
Slain by Thomas William Hodgson Crosland
Two: 10 by Edward Estlin Cummings
Two: 3 by Edward Estlin Cummings
W (viva): 30 by Edward Estlin Cummings
Unseen Fire by Ralph Nixon Currey
Subalterns by Elizabeth Daryush
The Soldier Going To The Field by William Davenant
The Stand-to by Cecil Day Lewis
Where Are The War Poets? by Cecil Day Lewis
The Spanish Descent, Sels. by Daniel Defoe
St Aubin D'aubigne by Paul Dehn
The Firebombing by James Dickey
My Portion Is Defeat - Today by Emily Dickinson
My Triumph Lasted Till The Drums by Emily Dickinson
Epigram: A Burnt Ship by John Donne
The Walls Do Not Fall: 1 by Hilda Doolittle
Aristocrats by Keith Castellaine Douglas
Gallantry by Keith Castellaine Douglas
Vergissmeinnicht by Keith Castellaine Douglas
To The Cambro-britons, And Their Harp by Michael Drayton
Now Van To Van The Foremost Squadrons Meet by John Dryden
War Blinded by Douglas Dunn
The Fury Of Aerial Bombardment by Richard Ghormley Eberhart
Triumphal March by Thomas Stearns Eliot
Concord Hymn; Sung At Completion Of Concord Monument, 1836 by Ralph Waldo Emerson
When A Beau Goes In by Gavin Ewart
Dead Soldiers by James Fenton
Shipment To Maidanek by Ephim Fogel
The Colonel by Carolyn Forche
Range-finding by Robert Frost
The Middle Of A War by Roy Fuller
The Fruits Of War, Sels. by George Gascoigne
Miserere: Ecce Homo by David Gascoyne
A Vow by Allen Ginsberg
The Persian Version by Robert Ranke Graves
Recalling War by Robert Ranke Graves
Sergeant-major Money by Robert Ranke Graves
Into Battle by Julian Grenfell
Another Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries; Reply To Housman by Christopher Murray Grieve
Claus Von Stauffenberg; Of The Bomb-plot On Hitler, 1944 by Thomson William Gunn
Ballad Of The Three Spectres by Ivor Gurney
The Silent One by Ivor Gurney
To His Love by Ivor Gurney
A Christmas Ghost-story; Christmas-eve 1899 by Thomas Hardy
The Colonel's Soliloquy by Thomas Hardy
Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy
Embarcation by Thomas Hardy
The Eve Of Waterloo by Thomas Hardy
In Time Of 'the Breaking Of Nations' by Thomas Hardy
The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy
Men Who March Away (1) by Thomas Hardy
A Wife In London by Thomas Hardy
Requiem For The Croppies by Seamus Heaney
The Strand At Lough Beg by Seamus Heaney
Whatever You Say Say Nothing by Seamus Heaney
'more Light! More Light!' by Anthony Hecht
September Song by Geoffrey Hill
Achilles With Wild Fury In His Heart by Homer
Astronomy by Alfred Edward Housman
Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries by Alfred Edward Housman
Grenadier by Alfred Edward Housman
Lancer by Alfred Edward Housman
A Shropshire Lad: 35 by Alfred Edward Housman
Epitaph On Thomas Clere, Surrey's Faithful Friend And Follower by Henry Howard
Battle Hymn Of The Republic by Julia Ward Howe
Six Young Men by Edward James Hughes
Russia 1812 by Victor Marie Hugo
A Camp In The Prussian Forest by Randall Jarrell
The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell
Eighth Air Force by Randall Jarrell
A Front by Randall Jarrell
Charles Xii Of Sweden (lines 119-222) by Samuel (1709-1784) Johnson
But Sweet Sister Death Has Gone Debauched Today And Stalks by David Jones
1. by Sidney Keyes
2. by Sidney Keyes
The Foreign Gate, Sels. by Sidney Keyes
Timoshenko by Sidney Keyes
Vapor Trail Reflected In The Frog Pond by Galway Kinnell
Arithmetic On The Frontier by Rudyard Kipling
Bridge-guard In The Karroo by Rudyard Kipling
The Dykes by Rudyard Kipling
Epitaphs Of The War, 1914-18 by Rudyard Kipling
Tommy [atkins] by Rudyard Kipling
Foresight by Lincoln Kirstein
Rank by Lincoln Kirstein
Mcmxiv [1914] by Philip Larkin
A Moment Of War by Laurie Lee
What Were They Like by Denise Levertov
All Day It Has Rained by Alun Lewis
Dawn On The East Coast by Alun Lewis
Goodbye by Alun Lewis
Song: On Seeing Dead Bodies Floating Off The Cape by Alun Lewis
Lament Of The Frontier Guard by Li Po
To Lucasta, [on] Going To The Wars by Richard Lovelace
Ode Recited At The Harvard Commemoration, July 21, 1865 by James Russell Lowell
Fall 1961 by Robert Lowell
For The Union Dead by Robert Lowell
42 by Thomas Babington Macaulay
The Land-mine by George Macbeth
Memorial Rain by Archibald Macleish
Autumn Journal: 6 by Frederick Louis Macneice
The Streets Of Laredo by Frederick Louis Macneice
An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return From Ireland by Andrew Marvell
In Flanders Fields by John Mccrae
Ball's Bluff; A Reverie by Herman Melville
The College Colonel by Herman Melville
The Portent by Herman Melville
Shiloh; A Requiem by Herman Melville
How Much Longer? by Robert Mezey
The Year 1812 by Adam Mickiewicz
Sonnet: 18. On The Late Massacre In Piedmont by John Milton
They Ended Parle, And Both Addressed For Fight by John Milton
To Whom It May Concern (tell Me Lies About Vietnam) by Adrian Mitchell
In Distrust Of Merits by Marianne Moore
A Fable Of The War by Howard Nemerov
Redeployment by Howard Nemerov
He Fell Among Thieves by Henry Newbolt
Vitai Lampada by Henry Newbolt
Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen
Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
Exposure by Wilfred Owen
Futility by Wilfred Owen
Insensibility by Wilfred Owen
The Send-off by Wilfred Owen
Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen
Farewell To Arms by George Peele
Little Song Of The Maimed by Benjamin Peret
Your Attention Please by Peter Porter
Hugh Selwyn Mauberley: 4 by Ezra Pound
Soldiers Bathing by Frank Templeton Prince
And Now Aeneas Charges Straight At Turnus by Publius Vergilius Maro
For Johnny by John Pudney
Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori by Quintus Horatius Flaccus
To A Conscript Of 1940 by Herbert Read
Lessons Of The War: 1. Naming Of Parts by Henry Reed
Lessons Of The War: 2. Judging Distances by Henry Reed
Lessons Of The War: 3. Unarmed Combat by Henry Reed
Winter Warfare by Edgell A. Rickword
Last Evening by Rainer Maria Rilke
Evil by Arthur Rimbaud
From Eighteen-seventy by Arthur Rimbaud
Napoleon After Sedan by Arthur Rimbaud
The Sleeper In The Valley by Arthur Rimbaud
To The French Of The Second Empire by Arthur Rimbaud
August 1914 by Isaac Rosenberg
Break Of Day In The Trenches by Isaac Rosenberg
Dead Man's Dump by Isaac Rosenberg
On Receiving [the First] News Of The War by Isaac Rosenberg
Returning, We Hear The Larks by Isaac Rosenberg
Off Brighton Pier by Alan Ross
Song, Written At Sea, In The First Dutch War, 1665 ... by Charles (1637-1706) Sackville
Grass by Carl Sandburg
Everyone Sang by Siegfried Sassoon
The General by Siegfried Sassoon
Glory Of Women by Siegfried Sassoon
The Hero by Siegfried Sassoon
The Rear-guard by Siegfried Sassoon
'they' by Siegfried Sassoon
The Great War by Vernon Scannell
Walking Wounded by Vernon Scannell
The Drum by John Scott
Elegy For A Dead Soldier by Karl Shapiro
Over The Utmost Hill At Length I Sped by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Thermopylae by Simonides Of Ceos
The Battle by Louis Simpson
Carentan O Carentan by Louis Simpson
The Heroes by Louis Simpson
Memories Of A Lost War by Louis Simpson
Still Falls The Rain; The Raids, 1940. Night And Dawn by Edith Sitwell
After Experience Taught Me by William Dewitt Snodgrass
Route March by Charles Hamilton Sorley
Sonnet (3) by Charles Hamilton Sorley
The Battle Of Blenheim by Robert Southey
A Thousand Killed by Bernard Spencer
Two Armies by Stephen Spender
Ultima Ratio Regum by Stephen Spender
Astrophel A Pastorall Elegie, Sels. by Edmund Spenser
At The Bomb Testing Site by William Edgar Stafford
A Letter From Berlin by Jon Stallworthy
The Death Of A Soldier by Wallace Stevens
The Lost Pilot by James Tate
Ode To The Confederate Dead by John Orley Allen Tate
The Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson
Maud: Part 3, 6 by Alfred Tennyson
The Revenge; A Ballad Of The Fleet by Alfred Tennyson
The Due Of The Dead by William Makepeace Thackeray
The Hand That Signed The Paper Felled A City by Dylan Thomas
As The Team's Head Brass by Philip Edward Thomas
The Cherry Trees by Philip Edward Thomas
In Memoriam (easter 1915) by Philip Edward Thomas
Rain by Philip Edward Thomas
Rule, Britannia by James (1700-1748) Thomson
At Vshchizh by Feodor (fyodor) Ivanovich Tyutchev
The Battle Of Brunanburh by Anonymous
The Battle Of Maldon by Anonymous
Eyes Of Men Running, Falling, Screaming by Anonymous
The Finnesburh Fragment by Anonymous
Hymn To The Fallen by Anonymous
The Song Of Roland, Sels. by Anonymous
I Am Goya by Andrey (andrei) Andreyevich Voznesensky
War by Edgar Wallace
Benicasim by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Beat! Beat! Drums! by Walt Whitman
Come Up From The Fields Father by Walt Whitman
Reconciliation by Walt Whitman
Vigil Strange I Kept On The Field One Night by Walt Whitman
The Wound-dresser by Walt Whitman
Advice To A Prophet by Richard Wilbur
First Snow In Alsace by Richard Wilbur
The Burial Of Sir John Moore At [or After] Corunna by Charles Wolfe
November, 1806 by William Wordsworth
Old Man Travelling by William Wordsworth
To The Men Of Kent by William Wordsworth
Easter 1916 by William Butler Yeats
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death by William Butler Yeats
On Being Asked For A War Poem by William Butler Yeats
Reprisals by William Butler Yeats
Sixteen Dead Men by William Butler Yeats
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