A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

9780310107781: A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Weld process optimization requires weld process controls and this 600 page book is the most comprehesive book ever written on the subject of MIG welding and flux cored welding. Some times you don't pick the book, it will pick you said Rubin Carter. How many times have you read a 300 page technical book and found that only one or two pages in the book are relevant to your career. With Ed's weld process control resources you will find every page is relevant to optimizing MIG and flux cored weld quality and productivity. A MANAGER, ENGINEER, SUPERVISOR OR TECHNICIAN DOES NOT REQUIRE THE ABILITY TO WELD, HOWEVER THESE INDIVIDUALS SHOULD KNOW HOW TO MANAGE AND OPTIMIZE THE PROCESSES CRITICAL TO THEIR COMPANY. MIG and flux cored weld results achieved with the world's most utilized welding equipment are frequently influenced by inaccurate and biased weld sales advice. This book cuts through the sales induced weld process myths and is the world's most comprehensive, practical book on optimizing and managing steel and stainless, MIG / flux cored manual and robot applications. MIG Weld Process Controls: When setting flux cored and MIG welding parameters, welders often play around with the wire feed and volt controls, evident, by the pen or scratch marks that surround the controls. Playing around with controls has to impact weld quality, productivity and costs , yet few weld decision makers know the optimum wire feed settings for the wire diameter and mode of weld transfer used, even fewer welders know the wire feed positions in which the short circuit mode ends and spray transfer commences. Consistent control of the weld process is necessary if control of weld quality, productivity or costs is your goal. This unique book presents and expands the MIG and flux cored Weld Parameter Clock Method The weld clock simplifies MIG and flux cored parameter selection for any weld.Tell a welder to MIG weld a 16 gage part with a wire feed of 210 inch/min, 145 amps and 17 volts and watch the welder frown. Tell the same welder to use short circuit transfer and set the wire feed 10 o'clock with 17 cups of coffee, and watch the welder smile. Simplify Weld Costs: Most welding decision makers know the costs of welding consumables, few welding decision makers know the costs of their daily weld deposition rates or the costs of the common welds they produce. The weld clock method simplifies the control of MIG and flux cored welds and this unique process control method simplifies weld costs. Justify Low Cost MIG Equipment: Pulsed MIG equipment and Invertors and other costly electronic weld equipment, will not compensate for lack of weld process expertise. Over 100 pages in this book are provided on why pulsed MIG should not be used or used with caution for common steel welded applications. Examine why pulsed MIG may reduce your weld fusion & productivity potential. Compare and evaluate the pulsed MIG mode with regular MIG short circuit, globular, spray transfer, metal cored and flux cored. There are numerous reasons why costly, sophisticated, microprocessor power sources are not necessary to achieve optimum weld quality or productivity. Weld equipment manufacturers have their $$$ justification $$$ for selling microprocessors in welding equipment, in contrast I have nothing to sell, only this book, common sense and weld advice based on 45 years MIG expertise. Ed Craig..

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As a weld process and weld application engineer, Ed has used MIG and flux cored processes for forty five years. Over 30 years ago he started to develop unique training methods for process controls. He has provided manual and robot weld process training and process improvements to GM Chrysler, Ford Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, VW, plants. He has trained workers in process controls MIG and GTAW / FCAW in the nuclear and power industry, ship yards, pressure vessel shops, pipe lines, and in numerous light to heavy steel manufacturing plants.

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