Norton Introduction to Poetry: Classroom Guide

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The Eighth Edition of The Norton Introduction to Poetry, like its predecessors, offers a broad and balanced selection of poems-483 poems total, 101 new to this edition. Drawing deeply from the traditional canon, The Norton Introduction to Poetry also features the best work of emerging and well-known contemporary poets. Now accompanied by a free audio CD and an unparalleled Web site, the Eighth Edition is more accessible, enjoyable, and teachable than ever before.

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About the Author:

Alison Booth is Associate Professor of English at the University of Virginia. She is the author of Greatness Engendered: George Eliot and Virginia Woolf and editor of Famous Last Words: Changes in Gender and Narrative Closure. J. Paul Hunter is Professor of English Language and Literature, Barbara E. and Richard J. Franke Professor in the Humanities, and Director of the Franke Institute for the Humanities at the University of Chicago. He is the author of several books, including Norton's own Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction (1990). Kelly J. Mays is Assistant Professor of English at New Mexico State University. She frequently teaches the "Writing About Literature" course at NMSU, and prior to joining NMSU was an instructor in Harvard's expository writing program.


Brueghel In Naples by Dannie Abse
Sweep Me Through Your Many-chambered Heart by Diane Ackerman
Composed In The Composing Room by Franklin Pierce Adams
Boston Year by Elizabeth Alexander
The Dacca Gauzes by Agha Shahid Ali
Needs by Archie Randolph Ammons
Africa by Maya Angelou
Riot Act, April 29, 1992 by Florence Anthony
Twenty-year Marriage by Florence Anthony
Hiding Place by Richard Armour
Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold
A City Afternoon by John Ashbery
Death Of A Young Son By Drowning by Margaret Atwood
Siren Song by Margaret Atwood
In Memory Of W.b. Yeats by Wystan Hugh Auden
Musee Des Beaux Arts by Wystan Hugh Auden
Touching Each Other's Surfaces by Carol Jane Bangs
Nighttime Fires by Regina Barreca
On Her Loving Two Equally by Aphra Behn
Praise Psalm Of The City-dweller by April Bernard
In Westminster Abbey by John Betjeman
Anglosaxon Street by Earl (earle) Birney
The Armadillo; For Robert Lowell by Elizabeth Bishop
Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop
The Lamb, Fr. Songs Of Innocence by William Blake
London, Fr. Songs Of Experience by William Blake
The Sick Rose, Fr. Songs Of Experience by William Blake
The Tyger [tiger], Fr. Songs Of Experience by William Blake
Cartography by Louise Bogan
Single Sonnet by Louise Bogan
After A Death by Ruth Elizabeth Borson
Save Us From by Ruth Elizabeth Borson
To My Dear And Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet
For The Bones Of Josef Mengele, Disinterred June 1985 by Robert Bringhurst
In Summer's Mellow Midnight by Emily Jane Bronte
The Children Of The Poor: 4 by Gwendolyn Brooks
Queen Of The Blues by Gwendolyn Brooks
We Real Cool; The Pool Players. Seven At The Golden Shovel by Gwendolyn Brooks
Sonnets From The Portuguese: 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
My Last Duchess by Robert Browning
Soliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister by Robert Browning
A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
Joy Sonnet In A Random Universe by Helen Chasin
The Word Plum Is Delicious by Helen Chasin
Aubade by Marilyn Mei Ling Chin
To The Ladies by Mary Lee Chudleigh
The Changeling by Judith Ortiz Cofer
How To Get A Baby by Judith Ortiz Cofer
Unspoken by Judith Ortiz Cofer
Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Metrical Feet by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
This Lime-tree Bower My Prison by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What Is An Epigram? by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sonnet by Henry Constable
The Miser by Eliza Cook
Another Christmas Poem by Wendy Cope
Emily Dickinson by Wendy Cope
The Expense Of Spirits Is A Crying Shame by Wendy Cope
Not Only Marble, But The Plastic Toys by Wendy Cope
Parting In Wartime by Frances Crofts Darwin Cornford
Episode Of Hands by Harold Hart Crane
Exile by Harold Hart Crane
Forgetfulness by Harold Hart Crane
To Emily Dickinson by Harold Hart Crane
An Epitaph Upon Husband And Wife Who Died And Were Buried by Richard Crashaw
For A Lady I Know by Countee Cullen
50 Poems: 29 by Edward Estlin Cummings
95 Poems: 1 by Edward Estlin Cummings
Chanson Innocente: 1, Fr. Tulips by Edward Estlin Cummings
One: 30 by Edward Estlin Cummings
Portraits: 8 by Edward Estlin Cummings
No Images by Waring Cuney
A Century Of Epigrams: 29, History Of Ideas by James Vincent Cunningham
Tlingit Concrete Poem by Nora Marks Dauenhauer
Two Songs: 2 by Cecil Day Lewis
Slim Cunning Hands by Walter John De La Mare
To His Importunate Mistress by Peter De Vries
Cherrylog Road by James Dickey
The Leap by James Dickey
After Great Pain A Formal Feeling Comes by Emily Dickinson
The Chariot by Emily Dickinson
Go Not Too Near A House Of Rose by Emily Dickinson
I Dwell In Possibility by Emily Dickinson
I Reckon - When I Count At All by Emily Dickinson
My Life Had Stood - A Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson
Parting by Emily Dickinson
Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers by Emily Dickinson
She Dealt Her Pretty Words Like Blades by Emily Dickinson
The Snake by Emily Dickinson
We Do Not Play On Graves by Emily Dickinson
Wild Nights! Wild Nights! by Emily Dickinson
The Wind Begun To Knead The Grass by Emily Dickinson
Jabberwocky by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
The Canonization by John Donne
The Flea by John Donne
The Good-morrow by John Donne
Holy Sonnet: 10 by John Donne
Holy Sonnet: 14 by John Donne
Song by John Donne
The Sun Rising by John Donne
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning by John Donne
Eve Names The Animals by Susan Donnelly
Garden: 2 by Hilda Doolittle
Sea Rose by Hilda Doolittle
Daystar by Rita Dove
Fifth Grade Autobiography by Rita Dove
Parsley by Rita Dove
Marriage A La Mode: Song by John Dryden
Marriage A-la-mode: Song by John Dryden
To The Memory Of Mr. Oldham by John Dryden
Elegy by Alan Dugan
We Wear The Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Dancing With God by Stephen Elliott Dunn
The Fury Of Aerial Bombardment by Richard Ghormley Eberhart
The Groundhog by Richard Ghormley Eberhart
Journey Of The Magi by Thomas Stearns Eliot
The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock by Thomas Stearns Eliot
Youth And Cupid by Elizabeth I
Emmett Till by James Andrew Emanuel
Jacklight by Louise Erdrich
Dirge by Kenneth Fearing
Reunion by Carolyn Forche
Taking Off My Clothes by Carolyn Forche
Hogwash by Robert Francis
Design by Robert Frost
Never Again Would Birds' Song Be The Same by Robert Frost
Once By The Pacific by Robert Frost
Range-finding by Robert Frost
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
Sudden Journey by Tess Gallagher
Love's Emblem by John Gay
My Own Epitaph by John Gay
Song by John Gay
Sonnet: The Ladies' Home Journal by Sandra M. Gilbert
Beauty by Susan Glickman
Labor Day by Louise Gluck
The Geese by Jorie Graham
The Naked And The Nude by Robert Ranke Graves
Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray
Channel Firing by Thomas Hardy
The Convergence Of The Twain; Lines On Loss Of The Titanic by Thomas Hardy
The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy
During Wind And Rain by Thomas Hardy
The Ruined Maid by Thomas Hardy
Dear John, Dear Coltrane by Michael S. Harper
Penelope by James Harrison
The Feast by Robert Hass
Frederick Douglass by Robert Earl Hayden
Those Winter Sundays by Robert Earl Hayden
The Outlaw by Seamus Heaney
The Dover Bitch; A Criticism Of Life by Anthony Hecht
The Collar by George Herbert
Easter Wings by George Herbert
Delight In Disorder by Robert Herrick
The Pillar Of Fame by Robert Herrick
To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time by Robert Herrick
Upon Julia's Clothes by Robert Herrick
In Memory Of Jane Fraser; An Attempted Reparation by Geoffrey Hill
Adam's Task by John Hollander
A State Of Nature by John Hollander
You Too? Me Too - Why Not? Soda Pop by John Hollander
God's Grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Spring And Fall: To A Young Child by Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Windhover: To Christ Our Lord by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Mirror Image: Port-au-prince by Barbara Howes
Harlem by James Langston Hughes
The Negro Speaks Of Rivers by James Langston Hughes
Theme For English B by James Langston Hughes
The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell
Delay by Elizabeth Jennings
Paper Matches by Paulette Jiles
Sonnet To A Negro In Harlem by Helene Johnson
Penis Envy by Erica Mann Jong
Epitaph On Elizabeth, L.h. by Ben Jonson
Freedom In Dress [or, Clerimont's Song, Or, Sweet Neglect] by Ben Jonson
On My First Son by Ben Jonson
Song [or, Echo's Dirge For Narcissus] by Ben Jonson
To Penshurst by Ben Jonson
Volpone: To Celia by Ben Jonson
Something Like A Sonnet For Phillis Miracle Wheatley by June Jordan
Children Walking Home From School Through Good Neighborhood by Donald Justice
Counting The Mad by Donald Justice
Beauty Triumphant [or, Beauty's Immortality] by John Keats
The Eve Of St. Agnes by John Keats
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats
Last Sonnet (original Version) by John Keats
Last Sonnet (revised Version) by John Keats
Ode On A Grecian Urn by John Keats
Ode On Melancholy by John Keats
Ode To A Nightingale by John Keats
On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer by John Keats
On Seeing The Elgin Marbles by John Keats
On The Grasshopper And Cricket by John Keats
On The Sonnet by John Keats
Sonnet by John Keats
Sonnet: To Sleep by John Keats
To Autumn by John Keats
Epitaph For A Postal Clerk by X. J. Kennedy
In A Prominent Bar In Secaucus One Day by X. J. Kennedy
After Making Love We Hear Footsteps by Galway Kinnell
Blackberry Eating by Galway Kinnell
Bitch by Carolyn Kizer
Heirloom by Abraham Moses Klein
Hard Rock Returns To Prison From The Hospital For The Criminal Insane by Etheridge Knight
Variations On A Theme By William Carlos Williams by Kenneth Koch
Woodchucks by Maxine W. Kumin
In November by Archibald Lampman
Winter Evening by Archibald Lampman
The Georges by Walter Savage Landor
Church Going by Philip Larkin
The Laundromat by Dorianne Laux
From Colony To Nation by Irving Layton
Street Funeral by Irving Layton
The Way The World Ends by Irving Layton
Persimmons by Li-young Lee
What Were They Like by Denise Levertov
The River-merchant's Wife: A Letter by Li Po
Green Rain by Dorothy Livesay
The Jewish Cemetery At Newport by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Hanging Fire by Audre Lorde
Recreation by Audre Lorde
To Amarantha, That She Would Dishevel Her Hair by Richard Lovelace
Skunk Hour; For Elizabeth Bishop by Robert Lowell
Ars Poetica by Archibald Macleish
Sunday Morning by Frederick Louis Macneice
Fair, Rich, And Young? How Rare Is Her Perfection by Marcus Valerius Martialis
You've Told Me, Maro, Whilst You Live by Marcus Valerius Martialis
The Passionate Shepherd To His Love by Christopher Marlowe
The Garden by Andrew Marvell
The Mower Against Gardens by Andrew Marvell
On A Drop Of Dew by Andrew Marvell
To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
Two St. Petersburgs by Heather Mchugh
America by Claude Mckay
The Harlem Dancer by Claude Mckay
The White House by Claude Mckay
Watching The Dance: 1. Balanchine's by James Ingram Merrill
Watching The Dance: 2. Discotheque by James Ingram Merrill
Burning The Cat by William Stanley Merwin
An Ancient Gesture by Edna St. Vincent Millay
First Fig by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Second Fig by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sonnet: 41 by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sonnet: 42 by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sonnet: 95. Fatal Interview: 26 by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Lines 1-43 by John Milton
Lines 1-49 by John Milton
Lines 56-76 by John Milton
Lycidas by John Milton
Sonnet: 18. On The Late Massacre In Piedmont by John Milton
Sonnet: 19. On His Blindness by John Milton
Love In America by Marianne Moore
Gentle Communion by Pat Mora
Sonrisas by Pat Mora
Thirteen Years by Erin Moure
Hidden Meaning by Susan Musgrave
I Am Not A Conspiracy Everything ... Not Everywhere by Susan Musgrave
You Didn't Fit by Susan Musgrave
Summer's Last Will And Testament: A Litany In Time Of Plague by Thomas Nashe
Boom! by Howard Nemerov
Epigram: 6. Political Reflexion by Howard Nemerov
The Goose Fish by Howard Nemerov
The Town Dump by Howard Nemerov
The Vacuum by Howard Nemerov
A Way Of Life by Howard Nemerov
The Elder Sister by Sharon Olds
The Glass by Sharon Olds
Leningrad Cemetery, Winter Of 1941 by Sharon Olds
The Lifting by Sharon Olds
Sex Without Love by Sharon Olds
The Victims by Sharon Olds
King Kong Meets Wallace Stevens by Michael Ondaatje
Arab And Jew In Alaska by Gregory Orfalea
Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
A Certain Lady by Dorothy Parker
Comment by Dorothy Parker
Indian Summer by Dorothy Parker
One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker
Erosion by Linda Pastan
Love Poem by Linda Pastan
Marks by Linda Pastan
To A Daughter Leaving Home by Linda Pastan
In Time Of Crisis by Raymond Richard Patterson
Foreign Language by Ricardo Pau-llosa
Farewell To Arms by George Peele
L'amitie: To Mrs. M. Awbrey by Katherine Philips
Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy
To Have Without Holding by Marge Piercy
What's That Smell In The Kitchen by Marge Piercy
Black Rook In Rainy Weather by Sylvia Plath
Daddy by Sylvia Plath
Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath
Mirror by Sylvia Plath
Morning Song by Sylvia Plath
Point Shirley by Sylvia Plath
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Two Fish by Katha Pollitt
Ode On Solitude (first Printed Version) by Alexander Pope
Ode On Solitude (manuscript Version) by Alexander Pope
Sound And Sense; Lines 337-383 by Alexander Pope
The Garden by Ezra Pound
In A Station Of...

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