Gloria Jean Divorce Tactics for Women .com

ISBN 13: 9780615280905

Divorce Tactics for Women .com

9780615280905: Divorce Tactics for Women .com

Divorce Tactics for Women was invented sot women could protect themselves. In divorce women lose mainly because they don't have a plan they don't prepare. Women need to be ready to win. Some women are in unhappy marriages & they need a plan before they just up & leave. Some women believe themselves to be in a happy marriage & it's their husbands who want the divorce. These women are often shocked horrified & very afraid. If this happens to you of course you are going to feel all alone. If your husband expresses his desire to no longer be married to you, you might even have a feeling of total disbelief. This is why you would need the Divorce Tactics for Women .com - While you're all dazed & confused, Divorce Tactics for Women .com guides you in exactly what you should do every single step of the way. Divorce Tactics for Women .com - Because what you do or don't do now could make all the difference in the world to how you & your children live out the rest of your lives. --- This isn't the Dark Ages you could be entitled to plenty of money. Money you didn't even know he had. Adding up today's money, yesterday's money & all future earnings, we are talking about a lot of money. Your husband would prefer for you to believe nothings changed & that you're not getting his money. Don't believe it! The minute you got married it became out money. That's right our money. One thing is for sure you're worth a whole lo more than even you realize. Don't allow your husband or anyone else to trick you into believing any differently. Friends & family might have good intentions but, sometimes they just don't know what they are talking about. -- Divorce Tactics for Women .com Is motivated by one thing & one thing only. To seriously help you get that money! Divorce Tactics for Women .com Protect yourself protect your children! If you won't who will? The man you married , Is not the man - the same man you divorce. This is not a man bashing book! Also this book does not cover child custody I would strongly advice you to seek legal counsel from an attorney experienced in custody matters. If you feel custody of your children will be an issue.

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About the Author:

Dear Gloria Jean is the founder of Ask a Friend Anything .com She has 15 years experience as a relationship coach. Mainly working to empower people with the ability to start making the right choices they need to make to achieve the lifestyle that they desire. Her clients become strong enough to go after goals they might not have attempted. Gloria Jean helps to keep the client focused on their goals. Working together the client now attempts to accomplish more than they would have on their own. The client starts to take themselves more seriously and their goals more seriously. Their actions become more focused. A lot of Gloria Jean's clients learn self worth & self care for the 1st time in their life. Gloria Jean wrote the book specifically for all the women who come to her site who want to know how to get a divorce. It seemed to be the number 1 problem. Now that the book is out it is her wish that there will be a lot less unhappily married women out there. It is time for help real help to be available for women suffering in a bad marriage. Divorce Tactics for Women .com It's ready to come out of hiding and going mainstream. So many women are getting divorced & quite suddenly ending up in poverty. Many of these women are left in debt some are facing homelessness. They come to the website looking for advice & empathy she gives it to them plus a road map called Divorce tactics for Women. com It's full of everything you need not to end up a victim of divorce. It's a guide for married women everywhere concerned about there future, rich & poor alike. Divorce just seems to be the equal opportunity destroyer of women's lives


You can usually tell when a celebrity wife has gotten a hold of a copy of the formally underground product (Divorce Tactics for Women. com) Those are the wives of husbands who suddenly start backing away from the divorce word like it's the plague. The Hollywood hunky husbands who were screaming for a divorce suddenly get cold very cold feet. These are the husbands who start having a new found interest in family life. And oh how they love their wives. These multi millionaire husbands & their multi millionaire assets start singing a different song when (Divorce Tactics for Women .com) is on the scene. It's so obvious what's happening when the, I want a divorce tango starts, there's a husband someone panicking in his pants. Divorce Tactics for Women .com It's about time! --the Online Book

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