Destruction & Peace, With the End of Saudi Monarchy by the Arrival of Imam Mahdi (A) along with Jesus Christ

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9780615404233: Destruction & Peace, With the End of Saudi Monarchy by the Arrival of Imam Mahdi (A) along with Jesus Christ

Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the crown of all the Prophets and beloved Prophet of Almighty God. He was the first one that Allah the Almighty Created from his own light (Nur). The whole Universe along with the Sun, Moon, Earth and 18000 planets were created including First Man (Human) Adam (A)'s life was also given from the Light of Nur e-Nabi, Safi-Ul-Majnabeen, Awaleen, Akherin, RahmatullilAlameen & Nurri Min Nurrullah. He WILL
be Attorney General for the MERCY of WHOLE Creation & Mankind at the Court of the Almighty God on Judgment day.
In 1924, When Ibn Saud illegally occupied his power by the cooperation of fanatic Jews, Christians as well as from the Queen Elizabeth II (because of her help towards Ibn Saud Queen Elizabeth lost 90% of Kingdom's geographical territory) and took over power from Last Ottoman Empire's Governor Mohammed Sharif, of Mecca-tul Mokkarrama. It was during this time that, Abdul Ohab Najdi and the followers of Yazid ibn Moabia very actively started their movement of Ohabism and Selafism against the Truth of Islam.
His Eminency predicts that, when Crown Prince of Peace Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A) will arrive from the Arabian desert all the misinterpretations of Holy Quran will be eliminated specially the movement of Ohabism, Selafism as well as the books that was written by those followers, like Sheikh Bin Bas also Ohabi Najdi appointed writers and their publications such as Darrussalam and many publications patroned by the Saudi Monarchy King Fahd, King Faisal and King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. Since 1924, Abdul Ohab Najdi's ideology had been misinterpreted the importance of our Greatest and beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SM). All of the libraries which exists those so-called abovementioned writers and publisher's books as well as self-proclaimed Hadith writer Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nessaye, Abu-Dawood in reference of Abu Huraira shall also be burned by Imam Mahdi's (A) arrival because of the Misinterpretation of the Importance of Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM). All true believers believe that mankind in the present has come into existence through the first man and woman, Prophet Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh). The complete code of life bestowed by God, The Almighty, for the auspicious, righteous mode of living of Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) is called Islam. Islam is the code of life for all mankind, prescribed by God, The Almighty, and communicated through His Chosen Prophets. Since Prophet Adam (pbuh), more than one hundred twenty four thousand prophets have been chosen to serve innumerable communities in different times. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (pbuh) was the First & Last Prophet for the Mankind and the Viceroy of God the Almighty for all creation.
Therefore, Islam is the first, last and only religion, and in essence it is the scientific and practical philosophy of life. The Glorious Quran is the Complete Code of Human life and God's creation. The basic tenet of Islam is to surrender absolutely to God, and to conduct life in accordance with the provisions of The Holy Al-Quran and the prescriptions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) & Ahle-Bayet, and to inevitably get protection and happiness in this life and the next.

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From the Author:

Notes from the Author:
His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad
Nurul Alam, Religious and Spiritual Leader 43rd Spiritual
Successor & Direct descendent from the Prophet of Islam
Prophet Mohammad (SM) PBUH, President, World
Spiritual Assembly, New York, USA (See, His Eminency Dr.
M. N. Alam's Summery of the Biography for details). Since
1977, His Eminency Dr. M. N. Alam's Predictions are 100%
Confirm for the World Leaders, the Predictions for Bill
Clinton, George W. Bush, and finally in the history of the
USA first African American, Barack Hussein Obama
became the 44th President of The United States of America.
And recently he predicted about the Saudi Monarchy and
their 10,000 descendants (Princes' life in danger). His
Eminency predicts that, Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz will be
the Last King of Saudi Arabia. He will lose all his power
and eventually rusticated from the Saudi Arab and it will
be the end of 86 years regime of Saudi Monarchy.
A New Leader will emerge from the Arabian desert, the
Crown Prince of Peace Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A) (Direct
Descendant of Hazrat Mohammad (SM)) will co-create
heaven on Earth with that cooperation of Jesus Christ (Nabi
Isa A.). Jesus Christ will reemerge on Earth at the Ummaiya
Mosque, City of Damascus, Syria; immediate after his
emergence he will eliminate So-called Christianity, Buddhism, Paganism and any other faiths and beliefs. Jesus
Christ will reestablish the Universal Humanism. During
this time The United Nations will lose all of its existence as
World Federation.

About the Author:

His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is the Pioneer spokesman of the Millennium Prophecy starting since 1992 at EarthcSummit Rio De Janero, Brazil, when he proclaimed his vision of Millennium Prophecy Heralds a Golden age, Authentic History of the World & Prophecy of the Third World war also destruction & peace of this planet Earth. The Prophecy and his predictions are based on astrology,  astronomy, Science, geology, theology, mathematics, philosophy & the Holy books such as The Glorious Quran, The Torah, The Bible (old Testament), Hindu sacred book Kolkipuron, Buddhist Holy Book and his 35 years of research and exploration of 186 countries since 1974 around the World.

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