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9780620374286: Classical Mythology Deck (cards)

Are you ready to embark on an adventure into the exciting world of the Greek & Roman gods? Here is your opportunity to immerse yourself in 81 colorful cards that bring Classical Mythology to life...

For the first time, the fascinating myths of Greece and Rome come alive in this original Deck. This fantastic approach to Classical Mythology is simple and fun, so you will learn as you play and play as you learn.

The 81 intricately illustrated cards can be used:

As an oracle... The Classical Mythology Deck is an amazingly accurate divinatory system allowing you to do readings for yourself and others, as well as helping shed light on past, present and future events. Being a unique system, the Deck is an alternative to the Tarot. Explanations on the back of each card help clarify issues of money, health, relationships... or almost anything you want to know about your life.

As a teaching tool... A fun way to learn about the wild and wonderful divinities of the Classical world, whose antics are constantly depicted in the arts and literature. Imagery and factual information unlock the secrets of their often light and sometimes dark - exploits. Detailed explanations are provided on the reverse face of each card.

As a feedback system... Unlock the mysteries of your unconscious mind. The Classical Mythology Deck can be used as support for therapists. Practical affirmations on each card help you live your life to the fullest.

As a game... Entertaining and original card-games can be played within a group, bringing you hours of pleasure or revealing inspiring paths for personal growth.

The Classical Mythology Deck explores:

10 Primal Gods - including Gaia, Goddess of the Earth...
28 Titan Gods - including Nike, Goddess of Victory...
16 Olympians - including Apollo, God of Light...
27 Minor Gods - including Ploutos, God of Abundance... the Graces and the Muses...

Additional Information Cards and Game Rules show you how to use the Deck for insightful card spreads, profound meditations and fun-filled pass-times.

The 81 individual card images fit together to create a striking single picture illustrating relationships and areas of rulership. A printed version of this poster is available separately.

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About the Author:

Jacques was born in the Australian Outback in 1971. Since then he has lived on four continents and learned to speak six languages fluently... He gained degrees in architecture (B.Bdg.A), psychology/languages (B.A) and French Literature at the Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (France).

In 1996 Jacques started practicing as a therapist and writing full-time. Since then he has trained extensively in Hypnosis (SAIH), Rebirthing & Breathwork (IBF), Astrology (AIRS), mythology, Tarot and the symbolism of the unconscious.

Jacques poetry has been included in international anthologies, and he released The Building Blocks of Tarot and Healing Doorways (a visualization CD) in 2004. In 2007 he published the Classical Mythology Deck , which he illustrated and conceived. Jacques first walked the Santiago-de-Compostela pilgrimage in Spain in July 2001. The experience touched him so profoundly that he now runs a facilitated spiritual process along this Way of the Stars with other seekers every year.


Completely brilliant and inspiring!

The cards of this new deck are stunning to look at and beautifully presented. The illustrations are influenced by Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite art, making each card a pleasure to behold. Of particular interest is the way in which all the cards fit together to make one large image, giving a visual overview of the Greek Creation Myth.

This deck includes everything you need to know about the ancient Greek gods and goddesses their functions and exploits, as well as how they may affect you day to day. I wish I had been exposed to cards like these at school - it makes learning the fascinating subject of mythology a total pleasure.

A must-have in anybody's wardrobe! --Pnina Fenster, Editor-in-Chief, "Glamour Magazine" (South Africa)

Very informative. An interesting mix of the most significant gods appearing in Classical mythology and literature. Colorful illustrations filled with symbolism portray the first six generations of Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Historically, not much information survives on early gods like the Titans, but this deck fills some of the gaps in an interesting way.

The names in Greek mythology are confusing to many, but the picture associations on the cards make it easier to differentiate gods like Khronos and Kronos, goddesses like Tethys and Thetis. The illustrations filled with accurate symbolic keys are an effective mnemonic tool for anyone serious about understanding mythology and universal symbology. One particularly powerful exercise for which this deck was designed is the laying out of family trees that show the relationships between parents and offspring; between siblings, lovers and spouses (and often the boundaries between these are very blurred).

Having all the information on the back of each card makes quick reference so much easier. Each card includes detailed information concerning the areas of life ruled by the relevant god, as well as the important stories associated with them. The simple format of the cards in no way compromises the depth of the subject matter, however.

This is the first time I have worked with a card deck of this type. I am impressed by the depth of research into the Classical Mythology Deck, and find it to be a valuable study tool. It also brings out a lighter side of Greek mythology that is far from being academic and stuffy.

--Karl Koch

I don t think anything like the Classical Mythology Deck (CMD) exists out there. Many Tarot decks fit the Greek and Roman divinities into the Major Arcana, but this is something totally new a whole deck dedicated to the ancient gods and goddesses organized into an original system.

This is a fantastic tool for opening your eyes to your inner self and the perfect compass to help you along your spiritual path. The affirmation and divination sections on the back of each card are uncanny in their accuracy - I have really learned to trust their help in moments of confusion.

I do readings combining the CMD with the Tarot they complement each other perfectly. It is incredible how the CMD confirms issues reflected in Tarot readings when Aphrodite falls on The Lovers card (one example I see time and again) there can be no doubt that things are going well in relationships! The fact that there are 81 different archetypes in the CMD means that the subtleties of the human experience can be expressed more fully than divination systems that are more limited.

I have also used the CMD for meditation and manifestation. Since the deck includes a full range of possibilities from the goddesses of abundance and love, to the gods of right timing and spiritual growth I can choose the energy that fits the needs of my meditation, and use the card as a lens to focus my thoughts.

The Classical Mythology Deck is a valuable new set of cards that does full justice to ancient mythology. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their divination skills further. --Sylvain Lonchay

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