Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

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9780671766009: Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams
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THE MASTER OF OCCULT WISDOM REVEALS THE SECRETS OF YOUR DREAMS Have you ever dreamed of a red-headed stranger? Or seen yourself fly without wings? Even a child knows where to look up the population of Portugal -- but where, until now, could you find the hidden meaning of your dreams? In this fascinating encyclopedia, Zolar, the world-renowned astrologer and leading authority on the dream world, offers interpretations for more than 20,000 dreams -- yours, among them. For example, did you know that: * If you hear the sound of a horn, you will receive unexpected and joyful news? * If you dream of ebony, you'll take a trip to a foreign country? * If you witness a house being struck by lightning, a good friend will soon die? All the great minds -- from Cicero and Aristotle to Freud and Jung -- have recognized the importance and significance of dreams. Learn for yourself their secret language, and prepare yourself and your loved ones for what may be to come.

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Zolar, the dean of American astrology, is the bestselling author of It's All in the Stars; Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge; Zolar's Encyclopedia of Omens, Signs, and Superstitions; Zolar's Compendium of Occult Theories and Practices; Zolar's Book of the Spirits; Zolar's Book of Dreams, Numbers, and Lucky Days; and Zolar's Starmates.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

Chapter 1


The letter A printed or written: Good business.
Printing or writing the letter A Happiness in life.
Others printing the letter A: Will have a long life.

ABANDON: Of abandoning: Will live a long life.
Abandoning your wife: Will be in trouble.
Abandoning your husband: Loss of friends.
Abandoning your father: Recovery of lost valuables.
Abandoning your mother: Illness.
Abandoning your children: Loss of money.
Abandoning your relatives: Good times are coming.
Abandoning your sweetheart: Will be plunged into debts.
Abandoning your lover: Will be guilty of foolish actions.
Abandoning your friends: Expect failure in your affairs.
Abandoning your home: Happiness.
Abandoning your religion: Poverty.
Abandoning your business: Quarrels.
Abandoning your position: Change for the better.
Abandoning influential people: Will have enjoyment in life.
Abandoning ship: Failure in business.
Abandoning ship and reaching land: Good financial earnings.

Of a convent superior nun: Big joy.
Meeting an abbess after an illness: Comfort.
Being an abbess: Will have high ambitions with an interesting future.
Being an abbess of a bad monastery: Will have a pleasant future.

Of entering an abbey: Will receive many honors.
Being in an abbey: Will be free from anxiety.
Praying to God in an abbey: Will have joy and happiness.
Being seated in an abbey: Changes in present affairs.
An abbey fully decorated: Will have a trial over inheritance.
Building an abbey: Must endure many afflictions.
Conversing with others in an abbey: Will soon commit a sin.

Of an abbot: Should calm your passions.
Wanting to be an abbot: Will lose the trust of friends.
Being an abbot: Will have many disappointments.
Meeting an abbot: Recovery from an illness.
Several abbots: Must endure pain and grief.
An abbot having bad behavior: Will be pitied by your friends.

A king or president abdicating: Disorder in business.
Abdicating from a prominent position: Recovery of money.
Relatives abdicating from their position: Joy.
Friends abdicating from their position: Postponement of success.

Of the abdomen: Great expectations.
Having pains in the abdomen: Favorable affairs.
Feeling the naked abdomen: Recovery of money.
A married person dreaming of the abdomen: Unfaithfulness of one mate.
A lover's abdomen: Treachery on the part of one of the lovers.
A man seeing his abdomen growing: Will have high honors.
A woman seeing her abdomen growing: She will become pregnant.

Being abducted: Plans will be carried out well.
Being carried away by force: Good future ahead.
A woman being abducted: Very important and beneficial event to come.
A child being abducted: A mystery will be solved.

ABHOR: Of abhorring something: Difficulties in your path.
Abhorring someone: Inheritance.
Abhorring an article and getting rid of it: Worries are over.
Being abhorred by others: Are prone to being selfish.

Being abject: Hard times ahead for a little while.
Relatives being abject: Shame and sorrow.
Others being abject: Avoid your rivals.
Being in lowest abject condition: Unexpected good news.

Of own abode: False statements are being made against you.
Going into a strange abode: Will venture new undertakings.
Being in a strange abode: Affairs are in disorder.
Being refused admission to an abode: Be cautious in your plans.
Being locked out of an abode: Be meticulous in avoiding needless risk.

Of an abortion: End of your love affairs.
Having an abortion: Happiness in the family.
Performing an abortion: Troubles ahead.
A successful abortion: Will live a long life.
Others having an abortion: Loneliness and trouble.

Something hanging above you: Will receive good news.
Something falling near you from above: Will escape money losses.
Being hit by something falling from above: Sudden death.
Something from above falling on others: Beware of jealous friends.

Going abroad: A change of work will take place.
Being abroad: Unsettled mind and way of thinking.
Returning from abroad: Changes in present conditions.
Others going abroad: Triumph over enemies.
Others being abroad: Will be deceived.

Of an abscess: Must get rid of bad friends.
Having an abscess: Will have an immediate recovery.
An abscess being operated on: A mystery will be solved.
Others having an abscess: Emotional sorrows.
Having an abscess on the neck: Sickness.

Someone absconding with your money: Treachery among those nearby.
Absconding with money: Will recover losses.
Relatives absconding: Beware of enemies.
Friends absconding: Be circumspect in all your dealings.

A loved one being absent: Danger in love matters.
Other people being absent: Will have mastery over many matters.
Rejoicing over the absence of a relative: Frivolity.
Rejoicing over the absence of a friend: Loss of an enemy.
The death of an absent friend: A wedding is being planned.

Drinking this green liquor: Family quarrels.
Others drinking absinthe: Doomed for disappointment.
Friends drinking absinthe: Recovery of money.
Enemies drinking absinthe: Advancement in your position.
Having absinthe in the house: Must endure painful things.
Getting drunk on absinthe: Small unhappiness will end with joy.

Refusing a drink: Avoid your rivals.
Abstaining completely from drinking: Important events, very beneficial.
Relatives abstaining from drinking: Will live a long life.
Friends abstaining from drinking: Beware of jealous friends.

Having overabundance: Must calm your bad temper.
Having abundance: Big success in your plans.
Having abundance of money: A mystery will be solved.
Relatives having abundance of everything: Approaching money.
Others having abundance: Good results in love matters.

Being abused: Business affairs will go badly.
Abusing another person: Others will take advantage of you.
Abusing your children: Success in love affairs.
Being abused by friends: Warning of troubles.

Of an abyss: Difficulties ahead of you.
Failing into an abyss: Be careful in all business transactions.
Escaping from an abyss: Will overcome difficulties.
Falling into an abyss but not hurt: Don't lend money, it will not be returned.
Others falling into an abyss: Be circumspect in all your dealings.

Of this flower when in season: Great disappointments ahead.
This flower when out of season: Realization of your wishes.
Receiving a gift of acacia flowers: You have a loyal friend.
Giving a gift of acacias: Must control your passions.
Smelling the perfume of acacia: Good times are coming.

Being single at an academy: Intended marriage will be marked by adversity.
Being married at an academy: Will overcome enemies with perseverance.
Being an academy professor: Will have unhappiness.
An academy officer: Discouragement in your affairs.
Being an academy cadet: Must endure humiliation.

Having an accent: Will take a long trip.
Speaking with a foreign accent: Take care of your health.
Hearing others speaking with foreign accent: Will receive good news.
Putting an accent between words: Change of surroundings.

Being accepted: Will have mastery over many matters.
A lover being accepted: Affairs will not prosper.
Refusing to be accepted: Family quarrels.
Accepting an invitation: Expect an inheritance.

Of an accident: A warning to avoid unnecessary travel.
Being in an accident: Your life is threatened.
An accident on land: Good personal and business ventures.
An accident at sea: Disappointment in love affairs.
An accident in the air: Will have a vigorous mind.
An accident in an automobile: Approaching money.

Acclaiming others: Sorrowful consequences.
Receiving acclaim: Deprived of original simplicity.
Others showing acclaim: Will be double-crossed by friends.
Acclaiming a prominent person: Troubles ahead.

Accompanying someone: Failure of enemies.
Being accompanied: Very important and beneficial events to come.
Being accompanied by friends: Change of surroundings.
Having musical accompaniment: A mystery will be solved.
Accompanying a funeral procession: Poverty.
Accompanying a close friend to a cemetery: Riches and fortune.
Accompanying unknown person to a cemetery: Will be in need of money.

Being accosted by a man: Will be scorned by others.
Being accosted by a woman: Honor.
Being accosted by a business person: Profit.
Being accosted by a poor person: Will receive money.
Being accosted by a friend: Will receive a legacy.

Adding up accounts: Loss of money by giving credit.
Working on accounts and bills: Hard work awaits.
Figuring others' accounts: Dignity and distinction.
Figuring employer's accounts: Beware of enemies.

Being accused: Beware of scandal.
Accusing others: Danger and misfortune.
Proving innocence when accused: Will overcome difficulties.
A righteous accusation: Serious troubles ahead.
Being accused by others of committing a crime: Will be beset by doubts.
Accusing yourself of wrongdoing: Will have plenty of money.
Being accused by a secret service official: Will be in trouble.
Being accused by a woman: Approaching business disaster.
Being accused by a man: Big success.

The ace of diamonds: Quarrels.
The ace of Clubs: Money.
The ace of Hearts: Bad luck.
The ace of Spades: Good news.
Of an ace pilot: Another person is enjoying what you hoped to win.
Being an ace pilot: Will be deceived in love matters.

A woman having a severe ache: Very important and beneficial events to come.
A man having an ache: Good and prosperous business.
A farmer having an ache: Will have a good harvest.
A sailor having an ache: Will have a successful trip.
A lover having aches: Suitable time to pursue suit.

Of acids: Will fulfill your promises.
Handling acids: Danger ahead through a promise.
Using acids: Will come out well from a present peril.
Others handling acids: Death of an enemy.

Collecting acorns: Will receive a legacy.
Holding acorns in the hands: Good fortune.
A lover holding acorns: Happiness.
An ill person holding acorns: Will have an immediate recovery.
Gathering acorns: Luck and prosperity.
Being under a tree: Will enjoy a wonderful life.

Of an acquaintance: Good luck.
Visiting an acquaintance: Will have enjoyment in life.
Making new acquaintances: A change in life will soon come.
Quarreling with an acquaintance: Your health will not be good.
Others being with your acquaintances: Will have a vigorous mind.

Being acquitted by a court: Failure of enemies.
Not being acquitted: Big prosperity.
Guilty people being acquitted: Will experience ups and downs.
Others being acquitted: Will have prosperous business.
Others not being acquitted: Misfortune.

An acrobat having an accident: Will escape all dangers.
Watching acrobats performing: Do not take a trip for nine days.
Being an acrobat: Will overcome enemies.
A relative being an acrobat: Will be deceived.

This composition in verse: Don't make hasty decisions.
Completing an acrostic: Realization of speculations.
Not completing an acrostic: Are in trouble with business matters.
Others completing an acrostic: Will be jilted by a lover.

Of acting: Plans will not succeed.
Others acting: Will take a short trip.
Watching actors acting: Friends will cheat you.
Watching an actress acting: Will receive a letter with good news.
Watching children acting: Will have pleasant work and good news.

Being introduced to an actress: Will have troubles at home.
Being introduced to an actor: Beware of much gossip.
Seeing many actors and actresses: Big satisfaction in life.
A comedian actor or actress: Good success in present business.
A tragic actor or actress: Unhappiness.
Being an actor: Loss of friends.
Being an actress: Will have much uneasiness.

Of Adam and Eve: Prosperity.
Speaking to Adam: Wishes will come true.
Speaking to Eve: Misfortune in love.
A woman dreaming of Adam: Will give birth to a child.
A man dreaming of Eve: Will give a big family dinner.
A young girl dreaming of Adam: Will be happy in love.
A young man dreaming of Eve: Will find new employment.

Of this snake: Will have disputes with your mate.
Many adders: Beware of false friends.
Seeing an adder in a cage: A false friend is nearby.
Killing an adder: Will have victory over enemies.

Writing an address: Be careful of entering risky speculations.
Others writing an address: Misfortune in business.
Writing a business address: Luck and prosperity.
Writing address on love letters: Will receive good news.

Bidding adieu to people: Will have bad health.
Others bidding adieu to you: Will take a tedious journey.
Bidding adieu to mate: Good times are coming.
Bidding adieu to children: Approaching money.

Of an adjutant: Death of an enemy.
Being an adjutant: Troubles ahead.
Being in company of an army adjutant: Will make new friends.
Being in company of a high-ranking adjutant: Friends will be advantageous.

Of an administrator: Disappointment in affairs.
Being summoned by an administrator: Improvement in business.
Administrating own business: Will receive an inheritance.
Administrating others' affairs: Good business activities.

Of an admiral commanding his fleet: Good future.
Being in the company of an admiral: Big events to come.
Being an admiral: Danger in love matters.
Being the wife of an admiral: Insurmountable obstacles confront you.

Being admired: A change in life will come soon.
Admiring other people: Unhappiness.
Being admired by someone you like: Friendship.
Being admired by children: Will live a long life.

Adopting someone: Relatives will ask for hel...

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